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College in Movie


American Pie is a teen comedy film directed by brothers Chris Weitz and Paul Weitz while written by Adam Herz. The film centers on five friends who are close, Oz, Kevin, Finch, Stifler, and Jim. As they attend East great Galls college high school, they encounter differential aspects of college life that they are not used to. Their different characterization and personalities enable the audience to decipher the needs of a college student as well as struggles, requirements and potential decision-making attributes. Jim displays a naïve character, Oz belongs to the college’s lacrosse team, Kevin is confident in his abilities as well as popular personality and Finch is the genius of the group as his nerdy nature is portrayed. Throughout the mainstay of the film, the group’s pact and constant targets conflict at different intervals while moments of liberation and self-actualization occur. The level of depicted freedom in the American Pie comedy film is not a true reflection of the actual ongoing in reality of colleges.    


In the film, there is freedom through the choice of academic courses, programs, and preferential classes. Throughout the American Pie film, the group of five main characters in Oz, Kevin, Finch, Stifler, and Jim go through courses that are favorable to their preferences and liking (Weitz 2012). There is little emphasis on their attendance to the lectures and authority from examinations. In comparison to the reality of college education programs, requirements on choice of courses by the students are markedly different. In the first instance, the administrators from the college facilitate the choice of courses for the students based on their abilities and attained grades. Entry points and requirements can disqualify the student from pursuing a particular choice (Gebhard 14). In addition, in reality, attendance sheets do not offer students the freedom of missing the lectures although to some extents one can intentionally do so in minimal basis.

            Freedom of association and communication in American Pie film is circumstantial according to the plot development of the production and writing. For example, Kevin is able to relate to any foreign character, student, or administrator despite the differences in race, age, gender, background, and class (Weitz 2012). In addition, there is limited association of the group of five with the lecturers and administrators apart from the sessions of summoning on authority basis. In comparison to reality, freedom of communication and association is entitled within the institutions. However, not all students are able to utilize it with ease as the characters specify. In reality, more students are able to have relational association with lecturers based on educational needs and course requirements. In addition, the level of freedom in reality is curtailed on differences of class, age, gender, and race.

            The freedom of lifestyle choices within the American Pie film were heightened as compared to reality. The depicted life of Oz, Kevin, Finch, Stifler, and Jim centered on having fun, fulfilling their fantasies and the association with the opposite sex. On numerous occasions, the film showed their time spending habits framework based on having parties, looking for the female students within the institution and having a carefree attitude as they acquired knowledge. A sharp contrast to reality brings out the difference. Gebhard (11) notes that in reality, students have to manage their time accordingly and achieve their targets of excelling. Indeed, there is freedom of choice and lifestyle choices, but in the latter, there is an added pressure due to the outcomes based on achieving targets of graduation. Few students manage to maintain the film’s portrayed freedom of lifestyle choices and achieve excellence as per the demands required of them.

            Increased freedom choices within the college as depicted by Oz, Kevin, Finch, Stifler, and Jim in American Pie film offers little resistance from the society in general and their close relatives. Earlier on in the start of the film, Jim’s father had tried to offer him advice on the sexual issues regarding life in college, much to a humorous display to the audience and added awkwardness (Weitz 2012). There is limited resistance and contact from the group’s family members in their quest for knowledge. In sharp contrast to reality, there is added pressure and constant scrutiny of a student’s stay in institutions. A typical student will be contacted on their progress and whereabouts within the institution, especially at the beginning of their stay. However, the choice of accepting resistance on preference and contact with external individuals rests with the individual student.


Apart from entertainment and education value of films, they have a responsibility of depicting the happenings within the societal contexts. However, the level of depicted freedom in the American Pie comedy film is not a true reflection of the actual ongoing in reality of colleges. The film centers on five friends who are close, Oz, Kevin, Finch, Stifler, and Jim, as they attend East great Galls college high school. The film shows levels of freedom in lifestyle choices, relative ease, and fun within institutions, association, limited resistance from external forces, and freedom in choice of courses and attendance. In reality, there are stricter forms of these freedoms with added pressure on achievement and graduation. 

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