Abu Dhabi Marine Operation

Abu Dhabi Marine Operation



Abu Dhabi Marine Operation

Table of Contents

Executive Summary                                                                                                                3

Project Outcome 1                                                                                                                  4

Project Outcome 2                                                                                                                  4

Project Outcome 3                                                                                                                  4

Project Outcome 4                                                                                                                  5

Project Outcome 5                                                                                                                  5

Project Outcome 6                                                                                                                  6

Project Outcome 7                                                                                                                  6

References                                                                                                                              7

Executive Summary

Operations management within an organization is dependent on the management delivery of managerial decisions and processes to effect. It requires systematic and strategic decisions in ensuring that all processes within jurisdiction are enabled within the framework of the organization’s scope and targets. Through the basing of oil and gas industry, an example from Abu Dhabi Marine Operation Company is used to determine the operations management of the input, transformation and output stage. In the report below, various project outcomes depending on the operation management decision and availability is discussed. They are seven and enabled through analytical manner for comparison and efficient application.

Project Outcome 1

            Operations management within the oil and gas industry relies on production of the sources fields, transferring of the crude through pipeline networks that are sophisticated for processing and finally into the storage and subsequent exportation. At the input phase of the operational management, the initial collection and enabled treatment of both oil and gas are made possible by the giant structures and utilities installed from the setup years. For Abu Dhabi Marine Operation, the input stage is critical especially with the use of the super complexes and transfer to the transformation stage. Hill and Hill (2012) note that at the transformation, the management and conjunction leadership enabled horizontal drilling as opposed to vertical. They thereby manage the resources effectively before the output is guaranteed. The responsibility is maintained by the management in all facets as required in the industry through product service development, operations, marketing, and delivery.    

Project Outcome 2

            In the industry’s cost of production in terms of oil and gas, the four V determine the operations efficiency. The influence by many factor enable the input costs and management of their operations is paramount to the success of the organization (Jeffs, 2008). In terms of the volumes in regards to Abu Dhabi Marine Operation, the company is responsible for being the fourth largest with access to the oil and gas reserves. It accounts for over a hundred and thirty-seven billion barrels of oil in the United Arab Emirates. The volume is determined by the efficiency used from vertical drilling and changed into the horizontal. The variety of the products reminiscent with Abu Dhabi Marine Operation is mainly the liquefied natural gas after the processing phase. The output variety is categorized according to LNG and condensed forms of gas through to other destination for export.   

            The oil and gas industry relies on primarily the fossil fuel sources for generation of the products. Much of the variation in the industry is enabled through the transformed integrated energy systems. For example, Abu Dhabi Marine Operation’s products have enabled variation in the transformed processes and enabled transported mechanism such as petroleum varieties part from the oil itself. Management is capable of the input costs associated on the variation products especially with the relied traditional availabilities in the market. The last of the four categories is the visibility factor. Through the aggressive progress of change, the outputs are transported within the management’s jurisdiction of visibility utilities. The industry therefore regulates the petro-chemical plants and subsequent re-injection of reservoirs. It is within the jurisdiction by the performance of the operations depending on flexibility, dependability, speed, and quality after the second phase.

Project Outcome 3

            The oil and gas industry’s operations capabilities can be divided into the four-stage model of contributions. In the internally neutral stage, the aspect of holding the industry back is laden with the reliance on fossil-fuel sources as opposed to development of renewable energies. Within the Abu Dhabi Marine Operation, the correction of the transformational phase is responsible for achievement of capabilities through and increase. As such, products designing and objectives are aligned for harmony within the operations. At the second stage, adoption of the best practice within the industry instituted (Jeffs, 2008). For example, operation capability is enabled through the input phase. Other than utilize the vertical drilling, the horizontal contribution is responsible for adoption of the best practice within the operations. At this stage, implementation of the strategies helps the industry players compete amongst the competitors while increasing the impact.        

            The third stage of the model depicts internally supportive capability within the operations. In the industry, it is characterized by the linked strategies with operations capabilities and contribution. As Abu Dhabi Marine Operation evidence the supporting strategy, it is aimed at creating the brand responsible for being the best in terms of transformational processes with a limited level of opposition within the system. The product specialization in the company enables the unique creation of the brand at the highest level. The fourth stage is depicted by obtaining the operations with advantage as compared to any other player in the industry. As shown by Abu Dhabi Marine Operation in the oil and gas industry, there is increased asset base and designs of the products. For example, they have been able to avail extended life within the cost and investment.

Project Outcome 4

            The oil and gas industry’s performance objectives are enabled through operation’s management with planning and control mechanism. Of the highest regard is contained in the quality of the products by the industry players. Quality of the determined petroleum products is signified by the demand and amount of wastage garnered as consequence. Sund (2010) argues that the approach minimizes on the production phase utilities especially at the super complexes. The speed of the production phase matters in determination of the quality and its available checks. For example, in Abu Dhabi Marine Operation, the operational production of treatment and collection processes is fundamental to the results obtained. The entry points use state-of-the-art pipeline network at commendable speeds through the giant structures, especially considering the year they were facilitated. The plants and platform then transfer the processes and output mechanisms into refined products of quality.

            Dependability within the oil and gas industry is determined by the quality and speed achieved within the input and transformation phase. For example, Abu Dhabi Marine Operation Company institutes the top-end checks within the certified production capabilities together with technological advanced equipment within the system. In turn, established markets become dependable on the returns of products through certification. Flexibility in the industry requires subjection into different energy resources, especially with renewable kind. Little enactments have been developed especially with dependence on the fossil fuels. Sund (2010) notes that despite the static markets, flexibility has been instrumental in exploring varied options within the product specialization. Cost covers the operational capability of the entire management needs of the industry. Accrued costs of production, input, transportation, transformation, and enabled sales of the products determine the outcomes of the companies. Minimization of the cots helps increase operation requirements for other phases.

Project Outcome 5

            In the development of product-process matrix, determination of the company’s oil and gas production is important in the placement of the function. For example, Abu Dhabi Marine Operation Company can be placed in the upper batch since the production phase requires the extraction of the crude oil from the sources. At the first life cycle, the cost, input and reliability of the workforce makes the strategic planning of the manufacture an important phase for the company. The company will be required to reduce on dimensions showed by the batch in choice s of production since the identified one is based on instituting creative thinking. Quality is valuable than the quantity and so the management obtains the appropriate managers in deicing the efficient mechanism available and process of extraction. At the onset, the placing is enabled through marketing of the company for opportunities.  

            The first characteristic according to the product-process matrix is involved with highly skilled process and workforce. For example, at the set complexes, professional handlers at the inlet are ideal for containment of the low volume production through maintenance. The fixed cost on the respective matrix, as evidenced by the left corner, is shown to provide reduction numbers if efficiency is achieved. Since the companies involved are large, they require highly specialized, intensive capital and inflexible mechanisms (Rahim and Nakamura, 2010). It translates to labor requirement at the highest level especially with the fragile and nature of the crude oil and gas availability as needed for handling. At the stage, much of the labor needed in the process is towards monitoring and equipment maintenance due to the sophisticated existence.    

Project Outcome 6

            In the organization’s operations, planning, control, and scheduling are critical point in ensuring strategic realization is achieved. One of the most important operations within the oil and gas industry, through the organizations is the marketing phase. It relies on the image of the organization, type of products, quality, and availability towards the market. Marketing requires the promotional activities of the products enabled in the various transformational processes. During the planning stage, I would ensure proper accumulation of required financial availabilities are put in place. Through the management’s decision on the appropriate product, decision has to be made on the segmentation, market, and target of it simultaneously (Pride and Ferrell, 2008). Once the operational management decision has been on the specific product, planning entails the accosted timeframe and allocation of funds of the process prior to execution of it.

            A set-out timetable and framework of the promotional activities would incorporate physical exercise and enabled methods like advertisements, reaching out to social media and  basing on cooperates’ images. Decentralization of the utilities especially with the supporting teams would be appropriate especially since the target is large. As a form of control, regular update and check through the online means and physical supervision of the laid down activities would ensure accountability and transparency. Effectiveness would be instrumental in achieving the success. Scheduling will be guided by the platforms, since the online means would be continuous while the physical availability would be segmented.      

Project Outcome 7

            The industry has instituted the lean philosophy according to the operations reviewed through management. At the initial basis, during the production phase and transformation operation stage, elimination of waste ha been instituted. Waste from the crude oil and gas production is capable of causing several hazards within the environment. Therefore, the elimination of it is vital for the industry’s image and marketing. Strict adherence protocols are in place with the pipeline network, equipment handling, and transfer into utilized giant structures at the company’s premise (Rahim and Nakamura, 2010). The platforms are then manned on a surveillance while emergency operations re responsible for immediate response. The industry has involved all people as stakeholders in the process, since the products and materials are used on entire basis. Without the necessary involvement, the end is the environment, which serves everyone. Of importance is the continuous improvement requirement within the industry. Due to the changing and sophisticated requirements from markets through the products, operations have to be efficient. Thereby, improvement is mandated.


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Sund. K. (2010). Dynamic Resource Allocation in Upstream Oil & Gas Industry. Journal of Operations and Supply Chain Management, 3.2, 78-97.

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