An Inescapable Past



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An Inescapable Past


In this literature piece, Fitzgerald argues about the negligible chances of running away from one’s past. He constantly asserts that events or characters in a person’s current life often have substantial similarities with occurrences in his or her former years. In this narrative, Charlie experiences events that remind him of Paris. For instance, most of the restaurants in the United States have similar settings and proceedings to those in Paris. Other structures such as Montmartre remind him of this metropolitan area situated in Europe. Although he desperately wants to forget his past, he is somewhat nostalgic about Paris and other aspects of his former life.

            The author of this book also emphasizes the inescapability of one’s past by analyzing other individuals, who have a unique relationship with Charlie. To start with, he regrets marrying Marion because she is a representative of his past imperfections. He also faces difficulties in maintaining his relationship with Honoria because of his acts towards Helen. Nonetheless, Charlie revisits these events and finds it hard to let go of former relationships that have led to his failure. It is as though he finds fulfillment in rejoining with his past life. This is evident when he recalls the events that surrounded the previous spring. He states, “We did have such good times that crazy spring” (20). This is an indication of his nostalgic mood despite the imperfections embedded in his former years.

Historical Relevance                                                                                                           

The author of Babylon Revisited highlights various historical concepts in the plot. The setting of this narrative is in the post-Jazz period, which comprises of a melancholic and restrained atmosphere. In this literature piece, Charlie arrives in Paris after being away for a long time. He realizes the tremendous transformations embedded in the structures and lifestyle of this metropolitan region. The author asserts, “He was not really disappointed to find Paris was so empty” (12). During this historic period, Americans spent a large portion of their monetary resources for leisure. The typical lifestyle of Americans in this era is evident in the narrative through characters such as Charlie and Helen. This was a popular way of life in the 1920s. However, the financial depression experienced in the country transformed their living standards. This serious financial crisis was because of the hitches in the American stock market in 1929. This historical event is part of the plot in this literature piece.

The author uses it as a way of developing such characters as Charlie. An analysis of Charlie’s way of life and events surrounding his existence justifies the impact of this crisis in the American stock market on the lives of a larger portion of the inhabitants of the United States in the 1920s. For instance, prior to the depression, Charlie spent lavishly and offered money to strangers. For instance, the author indicates that he gave hundreds of francs to gatemen and thousands of francs to pop groups. In addition, he spent most of his spare time drinking in popular restaurants. This detailed description aids the readers to identify with the historical events of the 1920s with reference to the economic alterations in the United States. Moreover, Fitzgerald uses symbolism to emphasis on the impact of the financial recession on the lives of the Americans. In the narrative, Charlie’s alcoholism negatively affects his wellbeing, and he has to seek medical assistance. His predicament is similar to that of the United States in this historical context.     

Work Cited

Fitzgerald, F S. Babylon Revisited. London: Penguin, 2011. Print.

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