Angelus Temple





Angelus Temple


            The Angelus temple is one of the major churches in the city of Los Angeles. Previously, the church was referred to as Echo Park Revival Tabernacle but its consistent growth resulted to a change in the name. The building became a concrete base for the development of evangelistic improvement to the neighboring streets. People flocked the building owing to the nature of its strategic location, the role it plays in relaying bible-based messages and the unique environment it displays through its decorations (Melton 210). Evidently, the church setting was meant to attract massive numbers regardless of whether there was a service going on or not. During the Memorial Day, I traveled to the Angelus temple and noticed a number of factors that accelerated the growth of the church congregation.



Angelus temple is located at 1100 Glendale Boulevard in Los Angeles, California (Melton 218). The position of the building offers strategic location for the access of spiritual and physical needs of the people. Once the piece of land that now harbors the building was bought, a builder and contractor oversaw the drawing and the erection of the church. The church covers a wide space owing to its stadium-like structure. At the front of the building is an ample space where automobiles and vehicles can park. Furthermore, the drainage system follows a strategic pattern that passes through the underground parts of the building to connect with the main city drainage system.

The building was constructed under various rulings extensively composed of concrete and steel. This I discovered after closely evaluating the building walls and discovering that the need to use such construction elements was propelled by the material availability. During the ancient times, building materials were cheap and accessible therefore the building incorporated quality elements. The main floor of the building expands over a wide area offering ample space for a large number of worshipers (Melton 210). In addition to the immense floor, the building incorporates two balconies one of which exposed the building to an immediate canopy. This quality makes the building one of the largest unsupported dome in the continent.

Similarly, the building layout includes the incorporation of the Echo Park Lake a strategic point of relaxation before of after the scheduled services. The building exits comprise 25 large steel doors meant to withstand acts of violence that stir trauma among the congregation (Melton 220). Moreover, the building has a watchtower known as the 500-foot roof where prayers take place and the congregation gathers to seek miraculous cures. To cater for the massive congregation that attends the services, there are row-set seats in the lowers floor bordering the balcony lining that extend into the second balcony. Subsequent renovations vastly improved the building layout by implementing new glass doors and carpets.


The Angelus temple plays an important role in unifying the neighborhood and the people from different states. As much as the ulterior motive of any church is to win souls through preaching the word, the Angelus temple does this and much more. Before the temple was erected, the neighborhood was an unsafe place to be in during the wee hours of the dark. However, once the tabernacle was built and the developments evolved to the Angelus temple, the lighting provided through the temple provides a sense of safety to the neighborhood. Moreover, the temple uses this advantage to lure the youths into advocating for a change in the behavior. All efforts are directed to creating a safe neighborhood that will serve as a home to the people living and those who wish to live there.

Considering the nature of the building as a theatre, the church acts as a meeting hall during important ceremonies. The building hosted Christian dignitaries who would control most of the revival meetings organized by the church leaders and the community (Melton 221). During these ceremonies, the organizers would issue altar calls that would see a significant number converted from their sinful nature. As much as the building provided an avenue for important Christian meetings, people could meet after the services and discuss events of concern among themselves. This accelerated interaction among the people that strengthened the bond between them promoting peace. It provided a neutral ground where people from different backgrounds could meet and listen to the word.

Church buildings offer solitude to the oppressed and the discriminated assuring them that there is a future and a hope (Melton 218). Although the city of Los Angeles is crowded by a wave of the rich and successful celebrities, people within the low class also consider it their home. Most of the people do not have temporal residence owing to the differences in class and ability to meet their needs. As a result, the Angelus temple takes up as a form of residence to such people from the streets. Although there is an ultimatum of change that is to be upheld, the bargain is quite understandable. The street families vow to change and stick to just and faithful ways as they abide within the church building. Moreover, the construction of the church took into account the possibility of natural or fabricated disasters therefore presenting the church as a source of shelter during such disasters.

Most people associate healing with supernatural powers that accelerate the process. Although they argue that doctors play an important role in restoring health, some illnesses do not have a remedy when it comes to worst. However, the church provides a leeway that assures sick people of restoration by healing in the church. The Angelus temple has a watchtower that includes a 500-foot room where prayers and healing services take place. The church therefore plays an important role in accelerating the change in people’s attitude regarding healing. It provides the presence of a spiritual realm through connection that issues the gift of wisdom to the congregation. Although this is the case, healing occurs miraculously without the consent of the person.


From a distance, a signboard stating “Angelus Temple” was the first piece of decoration that identified the church. The exterior of the building exuberantly coated with ground abalone shells displayed the unique nature of the church. Before you could enter into the building, a person had to pass through a glass door ushering them into the neatly organized seats through a carpeted pathway. It presented a sense of welcome to the congregation. Sky-blue paint was the most dominant color within the church interior since it culminated the walls. To increase audibility in the building loudspeakers were set up. The cross at the temple dome was 18-foot high with a blue and red-neon coloring. This was visible from a long distance ensuring they understood the essence of the building.


As much as the Angelus temple serves as a building where the word is relayed to people, understanding how the relevance of the building in terms of layout, functionality and decoration accelerates the role of the church. My experience at the Angelus temple helped me understand why this building is one of the most frequented in the area. My understanding of how extrinsic elements of the building build up the significance of the church was broadened.

Work Cited

Melton, J G. The Encyclopedia of Religious Phenomena. Detroit: Visible Ink Press, 2008. Internet resource.

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