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Apple Inc.

In the year 2025, I foresee a situation where Apple Inc. will have established itself as a strong company in the mobile and information technology sector. Apple will still represent the last stages of an emerging market with a strong future. In the next decade, Apple Inc.’s global revenue will most likely double to about $200 billion with the largest part of this extra cash coming from developed markets while a smaller percentage coming from emerging markets. The larger part of the consumers will still originate from the developed world in the United States, Europe, and China who were already able to afford Apple products. The company will only realize incremental gains with innovative designs that exploit a category. In emerging markets in 2025, several new consumers will increase their wealth enough to afford lavishness like iPhones or Mac Books. For instance, in China alone, over 110 million new shoppers could graduate into the middle class by 2025 while Brazil could see about 30 million new individuals move into the upper class. In China, Apple products will probably exhibit the highest rise in sales as the community has an insatiable affinity for new American products. The insatiable worldwide craving for updated gadgets is a good motive to invest in Apple as opposed to other rivals in the technology market.

The move to focus into media specifically is a major decision that will transform the position of Apple Inc. to a critical one by 2025. The plans to construct a hi-tech computer center that will house the personnel and equipment that will transform Apple into a company offering television channels will probably be completed by 2025 (Engman 45). The efforts by the marketing team would now be to sell Apple TV to the bulk of the European and American consumers that already favor other less superior Apple products such as iPhones. Including Apple TV into other previously installed infrastructure such as the Apple Store will ensure that it will be accepted fully.

Factor that occurred between 2012 and 2025

Between 2012 and 2025, several decisions and factors that will promote the earnings and positive outlook of the company will be established. One, the proper handling of natural disasters in Eastern Asia including earthquakes in Japan and China that causes large uncertainties will ensure that the company realizes minimal losses. The China market is turning out to be a lucrative long-term investment for Apple. One of the major distributors of Apple products, China Telecom (CHA) revealed statistics that placed approximately 73% of Chinese were interested in buying an iPhone 4 even though most of them thought that the products were too pricey (Pecht 187). However, the distributors always end up selling the products as soon as they are released in America. This behavior is expected to continue and will be a big advantage as people continue to scramble for Apple products. Making the decision to move into collaborations with network providers such as Verizon and Vodafone opens Apple as a company to immeasurable opportunities to expand into the communications sector. The venture into Apple products that can operate in different networks will be a plus for the company since it will mean more subscribers to iPhones and iPads (Lashinsky 56). By venturing into other sectors, Apple Inc. will maintain stable revenues that will ensure their supremacy in 2025.

 Operations in this continent has previously realized major losses in the disruption of supply chains and future plans will advertently mitigate these losses by tailoring the methods of supplying iPads, iPhones and Mac Books. The next strategy that would boost the sales volumes for Apple Inc in 2025 would the increased focus on smartphones and tablets. Introduction of newer technologies such as faster networks higher than 4G and advance gadget operating systems will be vital in the future when all communications companies come up with near-similar products for developed markets. This is evident in the projections of sales for iPhone 5 in 2012 that illustrated new technology would attract a greater market when compared to selling products with the current technology. The increased development of these two main products globally will probably increase their efficiency, affordability and preference across different markets. These two main strategies will be important in setting the company in a good place in 2025.

Concerning the constant search for funding through sponsors, Apple Inc. has also developed a mentoring program that will have reached its peak in 2025. While the gap left by Steve Jobs would be difficult to fill, the crop of trained and experienced investors would ensure that Apple Inc. maintains its economic sense and upbeat approach that will maintain its position as one of the biggest information technology companies globally. The ventures into newer markets within less developed markets such as Africa and Asia will also be strong enough to produce significant returns to the mother company. By 2025, most of these less developed regions will be fairly developed and present the emerging markets that Apple Inc. desperately seek. The developments of Apple products that will suit the harsh conditions of rural areas will ensure that the company can access all types of consumers from low class to the affluent ones.

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