Art Work





Art Work

Elements of Visual Arts

Element of visual art: Texture

Title of art: It is our pleasure to disgust you

Artiste: Barbra Kruger

Medium: Metal

Comments: Texture refers to the touch or feel of an object or a surface. From the example given above the feel of the skulls on the surface makes it rough. Hence, the visual element of art, which is very pronounced in the example, is texture. A rough texture indicates roughness whereas a smooth texture indicates refined when used in advertisement. Texture is a visual element, which can be shown by use structures protruding from a smooth surface. It can be used to show the toughness of treads found on wheels in an advert.

Element of visual art: color

Title of art: Wheat Fields

Artiste: Jim Dine

Medium: Wood

Comments: Color is an important image builder as an element of visual art. It communicates the intended picture that should build up the mind of the viewer. Different colors have different meanings in adverts. For example, green builds a picture of hope and growth. Red suggests speed and power. In the above example, different colors have been used to show contrast of meaning of each part of the picture. For example, the red color to show danger. The color visual element has been used in traffic lights and laser advertisement especially during the night since its makes the adverts more visible.

Principles of design

Element of principle design: Balance

Title of art: The Buckaroo

Artiste: Alexander Phimister Proctor

Medium: Bronze

Comments: It shows the equalization of weight and the stability as well. Actual balance shows that the actual work / item can fully balance. Pictorial balance just shows that the 2D can balance or the visual weight can balance. Principle of design balance is employed to keep the attention of the reader or viewer. It also serves as a guide for the reader’s eyes on which content they should view first and which content they should view next. Giving the focus on the most important element of the published work, usually the text content, it the main goal of balance. Visual balance gives equal weight to all the elements on a published work whether it is only composed of text, graphics or both

Element of principle design: Pattern

Title of art: Paint on canvas

Artiste: Ew Mexico recollections 6

Medium: canvas

Comment: Pattern is the repeat of a symbol all through the work of art. A pattern emerges as a dialogue that will then help to balance the forces and finally make a decision. Usually a pattern refers to given values that should be met in a work of art. Repeating elements such as line, color, shape, texture, image tends to unify the total effect of a work of art as well as create rhythm. Repetition can take the form of a near duplication, exact duplication, or duplication with variety. From the above pattern, you realize that your eye tends to travel around the whole piece when the paintings are repeated on the canvas.

Representational art

Title of the art: Jack knife 2009

Artiste: Edmell

Medium: Bronze

Comments: Representational art is also known as figurative art and is used to describe a work of art that depicts something easily recognized by most people.It describes artwork by use of paintings and sculptures, which are derived from real objects and sources. It retains strong references to the real world. For example, in the figure above there is a man who is riding a horse, hence making this a representational work of art. Abstract on the other hand indicates a departure from reality. Abstracts are non-representational and do not rely upon recognizable subject matter, but rather consist of colors, tones and textures. If the image has, an obvious subject like the example in the picture above, it is not an abstract.


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