Article Analysis





Article Analysis


Many people have tried to argue the question of whether money increases happiness. The article Keeping up with the Karumes in The Economist tries to answer the same question. Many people tend to ignore the benefits associated with being wealthy whenever they are asking and arguing this question. Instead, they tend to focus on the deeper emotions and they disregard material wealth. They claim that money does not add to happiness. The article reveals the perception that people have towards themselves and their neighbors can largely influence their emotions. The article used research that was carried out in a poor village in a developing country. The results indicated that people based their level of happiness based on their level of wealth and on how they compared to their neighbors. There is a strong connection between money and happiness (Poppick).


The arguments concerning the relationship between money and happiness are often controversial and intense. However, people fail to point out the major life stressors as well as causes of happiness. People cannot be happy if they are in debt constantly and if they lack life’s necessities. They cannot be happy if they spend most of their time looking for money at the expense of spending time with their families. Money has many benefits in people’s lives. It enables them to afford good and nutritious food, thereby increasing their chances of becoming healthy. They can afford good medical care and this improves their quality of life. They can afford to go to good schools and they can study as far as they want. This increases the opportunities that are available to them in the job market. Money has essential and numerous benefits that contributes positively to people’s wellbeing and increases their satisfaction in life.

The article highlights the findings of a study, which indicated that people who received money experienced a decrease in stress levels and they realized greater satisfaction. However, those who were among them who did not get any money had reduced satisfaction levels. However, they became happier after their neighbors income was spread over a long period. The people were concerned with their own wealth when they compared it to the mean. The findings underscore the importance of perception in determining wellbeing. People were okay as long as they did not have to compete with their neighbors to increase their wealth. People can enhance their wellbeing, improve their satisfaction, and increase their happiness by changing their perceptions and attitudes. It is not just about the money but it is in accepting one’s situation.

Increase in income does help to increase people’s happiness. However, after the income has increased up to a certain point, it is not accompanied by a similar increase in happiness levels. Many other factors are predictors of happiness. The relationships that one has with friends and family can determine his level of happiness. Happiness also depends on the emotional, psychological, and physical state. People who are in constant pain and those who are suffering from depression have decreased chances of realizing happiness. The article notes that people with big network of friends are more satisfied with their lives and they have increased chances of finding jobs that are well paying. Countries become happier when they get richer. Rich and developed countries are less happy when compared to richer and more successful nations (Poppick).

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