Book Review: Suspicion Nation by Lisa Bloom





Book Review: Suspicion Nation by Lisa Bloom

Veteran civil rights notary, Lisa Blooms, delves critically into the injustices encompassing the contentious Trayvon Martin suit and the country’s uncertain post-September 11 gun regulations. The book disparages the abortive prosecution of the defendant, George Zimmerman, for the murder of Trayvon Martin, an African American man. In the case, Zimmerman alleged self-defense and went as far as invoking the provisions accompanying the ‘stand your ground’ law. In the publication, Bloom claims persuasively that the state prosecution, aside from race, assumed an imperative role in overturning the case against Trayvon Martin.

Bloom does not hesitate from initiating any attack on the mistakes and missed prospects carried out by the prosecution. She also illustrates an image of the conflict encompassing the not-guilty judgment for George Zimmerman. This is based on the assertion that it was a straightforward case of deliberate racial profiling towards nearly every individual around the globe except for the majority of persons on jury obligations within the Florida courtroom. Additionally, Bloom carries out a proximate reading of self-defense regulations within the American system and the manner in which the incompetent prosecution largely ignored such restrictions.  

At its optimal best, Suspicion Nation comprises a methodical disemboweling of the unprofessional job carried out by the prosecutors of Florida who questioned Zimmerman. On the other hand, Bloom follows the exact procedure typically used in drawing attention towards an unfortunate event for all the wrong reasons. In spite of the book’s persuasive and utilization of a prose-writing pattern, the author’s assessment of the prosecution surrounding Zimmerman is compelling based on the way she analyzes the missteps.

The mistakes that Bloom identifies further establish an inclination towards objectivity within her arguments. Foremost, the author points out the failure of the prosecutors to ascertain the irrationality of Zimmerman’s fears concerning the deceased plaintiff. Her significant focus on the missteps of the prosecution illustrates the emotional pain she experiences and ultimately, takes her down towards a subjective path. However, she recovers based on the examples she uses to validate her controversial argument.

Secondly, the author focuses on the issue of self-defense and its possible irrelevance in the trial of George Zimmerman upon the death of Trayvon Martin. In addition, according to the laws of Florida, it is justifiable to shoot another person while under any physical threat or fear of demise. Moreover, Bloom argues that Zimmerman misinterpreted the circumstance since he was largely biased and fixated considerably on African American youth within his neighborhood, as ascertained by a number of past 911 calls.

Bloom further claims that the prosecution was also incapable of pointing out the obvious incongruity within the testimony provided by Zimmerman concerning his argument as well as fist cuffs with the plaintiff and the murder that followed. Hence stated, it was rather difficult for Martin to have witnessed it, thus disproving the defendant’s claim that the plaintiff was going towards the weapon. Furthermore, it would have been impossible for Zimmerman for release the weapon from his holster while Trayvon was atop of him.

Suspicion Nation also provides an argument of the main prosecution witnesses and the appalling performance they carried out in court largely due to the prosecuting lawyer’s neglect of conducting any pre-litigation preparations with them. The prosecuting attorneys also missed a possible prospect in relation to attacking the credentials of a chief defense professional, Dr. Vincent Di Maio, whose demonstration in support of the defendant had been picked apart successfully during earlier criminal characteristics, comprising the case of Phil Spector.

Consequently, Bloom assumes some stern convictions regarding the main theme of the book. Towards the end of the publication, her attention starts to saunter into peripheral problems encompassing the trial. She assumes precise and critical glances at every aspect of the investigation from the stop and search laws established by the New York Police Department (NYPD) and racial profiling to the repercussions of null discourses on race in trials whereby racial prejudice is obvious.

In conclusion, Bloom provides an eviscerating assault on the case surrounding George Zimmerman based on the murder of Trayvon Martin. In her way, the author persuasively integrates pragmatic illustrations that show the biased nature of law in relation to race. Nonetheless, Suspicion Nation offers a much-required factual remedy towards the typical media cover of Trayvon Martin’s heartbreaking narrative and the charade evident in George Zimmerman’s trial.

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