Career Analysis

Career Analysis



Career Analysis

Part 2

Marriage and family therapy is a sensitive career path that is vital in maintaining healthy relationships while helping members to communicate effectively and working through their differences. As such, social service institutions, mental health organizations, substance abuse clinics and rehabilitation as well as correctional facilities are some of the suitable organizations for conducting these services. The job entails bringing the family members together in order to assess the underlying causes of the problems. In most instances, it involves a lot of listening with less communication in order to internalize the issues in a genuine manner. It also includes watching the nonverbal body language of the participants with the aim of deducing their attitudes to each other. It is also vital to measure the progress of the therapy sessions. While emphasis is laid on listening, it is also the duty of the counselor to offer guidance to the different family members on ways of working through their differences without escalating existing tensions (Schultz & Schultz, 2010). In fact, it entails making decisions about the suitability or lack thereof of conducting the sessions separately or with the whole family.

In most instances, it would require the recommending of tough choices especially when dealing with people inn abusive relationships since the safety of victims is paramount. Gaining registration in NGO’s dealing with these issues would be a great place to search for opportunities openings. Approaching insurance companies with policies containing this cover would also aid in getting into this job market too. It would also be helpful to search in community centers across cities since they have similar services as well. Online searches could also net numerous opportunities especially from high net worth individuals who would prefer confidential house calls. Seeking referrals would also suffice especially from close confidants.

Part 3

Attendance of regular training programs would be helpful in keeping up with the changing requirements of the job. For example, volunteer work during emergencies would be perfect places to gain insight from other experienced counselors in real life situations. It would also be useful to subscribe to the latest peer reviewed psychological journals to obtain information about the dynamic nature of the industry whose scientific concepts are vital in formulating hypothesis. As a grueling job that requires the sharing of intimate details of people’s lives, the shift to online usage might herald the transition to conducting confidential sessions using the internet hence forcing therapists to be technologically perceptive. It is also projected that counselors may opt to provide structured online material for various issues for easier access by victims hence enhancing the need for artificial therapists (Schultz & Schultz, 2010).

As such, it is important to remain motivated during the long career by surrounding oneself with a strong support network of family members and friends who would help to maintain a level of normalcy. It is also feasible that sticking to one’s hobbies would aid in limiting the stresses of the job thereby enabling an individual to remain passionate in solving other people’s problems. Sharing of one’s experiences, both positive and negative while exchanging information with other people on social media sites is important too as that proofs one’s humanity and his/her vulnerability. It will act as an outlet for various triumphs and frustrations thus becoming a reminder of the perils that other people undergo. Levels of empathy would therefore rise. Acceptance of the existent flaws will be necessary too to eliminate the need of applying undue pressure while maintaining a healthy diet to boost self-esteem will be integral too. The latter will lead to higher fitness levels and better body functioning thus boosting energy levels for better performances. Having enough sleep and developing a positive mentality will lift the morale needed to work for longer hours especially when the situation demands. The latter is important in improving the work ethic necessary in sitting for long hours to listen to people’s problems as well.

            A democratic system of governance would best suit my personal values as that would provide the impetus to make independent yet ethical decisions towards clients. It would ensure that the company’s vision is held without compromising personal principles and in that way, genuine empathy would arise. A consultative approach to solving problems would also be admirable since one can feel valued in the contributions made hence gain self-confidence in the ability to offer sound advice to struggling families from diverse cultures. As such, charismatic leadership would be desirable, as that would energize the workplace while enhancing productivity (Schultz & Schultz, 2010). Having fewer supervisors is another expectation since that would reduce the amount of workload especially on difficult cases thus enhancing the clarity of decision-making. The work environment needs to be safe by conducting regular but random evaluation tests of all employees to ascertain their competency to perform their functions. Failure to do this would pose serious danger to the workforce thus eliminating the composure needed to handle the needs of various clients. It would be essential for the workplace to be multicultural, as that would enhance the knowledge about different cultural values and belief systems thereby increasing the intellectual capacity to face any type of family too.


Schultz, D. P., & Schultz, S. E. (2010). Psychology and Work Today: An Introduction to Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Upper Saddle River, N.J: Prentice Hall.

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