Chapter 10, Exercises 1-25





Chapter 10, Exercises 1-25

Question 1a

The three main perspectives of studying causes of burnout are as follows:

  • Physiological. This includes the roles of sleep, diet, and physical fatigue.
  • Psychological. This includes the roles of guilt, fear jealousy and frustration.
  • Environmental. This includes the role of physical surrounding at home and at work.

Notes: The items listed are phrases followed by a complete sentence. The phrase should be italicized and have an initial uppercase followed by a final period. The sentences should begin with an uppercase and end with a period.

Question 2c

Although we had a frank discussion with Backer’s legal staff, we were unable to get them to specify what they would be looking for in an out-of-court settlement. However, they gave us a strong impression that they would rather settle out of court.

Notes:  Appropriate sentences should not be overly long or short. The sentence has been revised by breaking it into two.

Question 3c

The supervisor is responsible for processing the outgoing mail, maintaining and operating the equipment.

Notes: Processing the outgoing mail, maintaining and operating the equipment are all responsibilities of the supervisor. All the responsibilities of the supervisor have been combined in one sentence to create a smoother style.

Question 4c

An in-store demonstration has resulted in a dramatic increase in business.

Notes: The weak grammatical subject ‘use,’ has been removed so that the real subject ‘in-store demonstration’ can stand out in the sentence.

Question 5c

We have reduced the size of the tear-gas generator.

Notes: The noun ‘reduction,’ has been converted to the verb ‘reduced.’

Question 6b

In the box, we should include the cables, the docking station and a copy of the documentation.

Notes: ‘A copy’ only applies to the documentation. The initial sentence meant that a copy of all the three materials were to be included in the box.

Question 7c

Please get in touch with Tom Harvey.

Notes: The information provided by the non-restrictive modifier ‘who is updating the instructions,’ is unnecessary. Removing the modifier does not alter the meaning of the sentence.

Question 8b

Information provided by this program is displayed on the information board at the close of the business day.

Notes: The sentence has been revised by appropriately placing the misplaced modifier ‘on the information board.’

Question 9b

To examine the chemical homogeneity of the plaque sample, cut one plaque into nine sections.

Notes: the dangling modifier has been corrected by switching from indicative mood to an imperative mood.

Question 10c

If the University of Arizona cannot figure out where to dispose its low-level radioactive wastes, donors could stop providing millions of dollars of research grants.

Notes: The informal words in the sentence have been changed. For example, ‘Uncle Sam could pull the plug’ has been changed to ‘donors could stop providing.’

Question 11a

As you document the history of the journals, you will gather most of the information you need.

Notes: the sentence has been revised to focus on the action ‘document,’ rather that the doer.

Question 12a

We are happy to give you this gift to thank you for your support.

Notes: the initial sentence was sluggish since it had too many words that over explained the nouns or verbs. For example, from the initial sentence ‘gift’ was followed by ‘small token.’ ‘Small token’ was removed because both phrases have the same meaning.

Question 13a

The medical results will be available to the patients after three hours.

Notes: The initial sentence was vague as it failed to provide adequate details. For example, which results?

Question 14b

Police arrested the person responsible and placed her next to the scene of the crime.

Notes: the sentence has been revised by removing unnecessary jargons. For instance, apprehended has been replaced by arrested.

Question 15b

We must make sure that all our representatives act professionally to potential clients.

Notes: Negative construction do ‘not act unprofessionally’ has been replaced by a positive construction ‘act professionally.’

Question 16a

Location for the corporate-relation committee meeting has been changed.

Notes: the initial sentence was ambiguous.

Question 17a

We hope the new program will help all our branches.

Notes: The cliché ‘positively impact’ has been replaced by ‘help.’

Question 18c

The airline announced its new policy regarding fat customers.

Notes: The sentence has been revised by replacing ‘customers of size who cannot fit into one seat’ with ‘fat customers’.

Question 19c

After installing DataQuick, please read the questionnaire, answer to the questions and send your responses to us.

Notes: The sentence has been revised by removing the sluggish words.

Question 20a

In may view, indications are that the project was unsuccessful.

Notes: The sentence has been corrected by removing meaningless fillers such as ‘essentially.’

Question 21b

The purpose of the aptitude test is to help you decide on which major to enroll in.

Notes: the lengthy sentence has been shortened by eliminating the unnecessary prepositional phrases.

Question 22c

We communicate with our sales staff weekly.

Notes: the wordy phrases have either been removed or changed. ‘Weekly basis’ has been shortened as ‘weekly.’ ‘Remain in communication’ has been changed to ‘communicate.’

Question 23c

Drop your newspapers and other garbage in the trash containers placed on the station stand.

Notes: Fancy words such as ‘deposit,’ ‘debris,’ ‘receptacles’ and ‘platform’ have been replaced by plain words ‘drop,’ ‘garbage,’ ‘containers’ and ‘stand.’

Question 24a

Each doctor is asked to make sure standard procedure is followed for handling Medicare forms.

Notes: The initial sentence had a sexist language i.e. ‘he.’ This has been eliminated in the revised sentence.

Question 25c

This bus is specially equipped to accommodate people who use wheelchairs to get around.

Notes: the sentence has been revised by removing the offensive language. ‘wheelchair-bound’ has been replaced with ‘people who use wheelchairs to get around.’

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