China and Trans-Pacific Partnership and OPEC (Aerospace Companies)





China and Trans-Pacific Partnership and OPEC (Aerospace Companies)

Highlights of the Mission

The recent trade mission conducted by the government of Canada focused particularly on the Asia Pacific region. In fact, the most current trade mission conducted by the team deviated towards the Republic of China. Accordingly, the respective mission took place on November 7, 2014 (“Minister Fast Leads Trade Mission to China”). Interestingly, the mission was one of the most successful ventures carried out by the government of Canada in respect to the region. Additionally, the trade mission to China was also going to acknowledge the significance of Japan’s involvement in the partnership between the Canadian government, the Republic of China, as well as other economic partner-states based within the Asia Pacific region.

Usually, trade missions that are carried out by the Canadian government tend to be led by the Minister for International Trade. In this respect, the respective mission was facilitated by the current Honorable Minister, Ed Fast. In accompaniment with the Honorable Fast was Prime Minister for Canada, Stephen Harder, as well as representatives for organizations based in the country. Apart from this, Minister Ed Fast was also responsible for leading the trade mission to the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Leaders’ Meeting that took place in the city of Beijing in representation of the Canadian Prime Minister (“Minister Fast Leads Trade Mission to China”). The same process was also prominent in the Minister’s visit to the country of Japan, specifically the capital city of Tokyo (“Minister Fast Leads Trade Mission to China”).

Generally, trade missions focus on the creation of prospects and opportunities in terms of local and international trade for the countries in question. Aside from this, such missions facilitate the provision of support, business contacts, and the dissemination of information as well as approaches for the countries’ exporters and organizations. For Canada, trade missions such as the one to the Republic of China constitute an imperative constituent of the country’s Global Markets Action Plan (“Trade Missions”). In particular, the purpose of Minister Ed Fast’s mission to China mainly involved the endorsement of the Transpacific Partnership with the country. Moreover, as an essential aspect of the Global Markets Action Plan, the mission focused on establishing strong economic prospects and business connections via attention to the aerospace market based in China as well as other countries such as Japan.

In respect to the objective or purpose of the trade mission to China, the form of sector or business that would benefit from this endeavor comprises Canada’s aerospace industry. As asserted, one of the aims of Canada’s trade mission to China involved the establishment of exportation prospects to the region through the intervention of the visiting government’s aerospace industry (“Export Wins for Canada’s Aerospace Sector in Japan”). Hence, by participating in the mission, the state of Canada was going to reap benefits associated particularly with its aerospace industry. Apart from this, the trade mission to the Republic of China concentrated on the assertion of Canada’s presence within the APEC community. This was a strategic means towards the development of business opportunities such as the exportation of agricultural products to China.

The Republic of China is one of Canada’s most significant economic and trade partners within the international realm. As an economic powerhouse, the country has managed to provide the government of Canada with various opportunities that have further added to its economic prosperity. In respect to the trade mission, the Republic of China provides various prospects to clients based in Canada aside from opportunities based on the aerospace and the agricultural sectors. Interestingly, segments such as the automotive industry, education, transportation, cleantech sectors, infrastructure and building, and life sciences offer doors that the government of Canada can exploit to fruition (“Export Wins for Canada’s Aerospace Sector in Japan”). However, with exportation being the fundamental aim of Canada’s trade mission to the Republic of China, it is imperative to understand the regulations that encompass the respective process within the country.

Accordingly, for Canadian clients exporting products to the Republic of China, it is important for their respective commodities to comply with the China Compulsory Certification (CCC). Accordingly, the CCC acts as a mandatory commodity certification framework that covers nearly 159 forms of products (“Certification Regulation for Canadian Exporters in China”). In this respect, exporters need to express awareness of the coverage and prerequisites of the system. For example, the CCC covers certain product classes. These include low-voltage paraphernalia, electrical cables and wires, circuit switches, shielding mechanism, and connecting equipment, safety glasses, toys, fitting and decoration commodities, agricultural machinery, medical equipment, information technology devices and paraphernalia, electrical and household appliances, automotive vehicles and accompanying safety devices, and latex goods (“Certification Regulation for Canadian Exporters in China”).

 Interestingly, other product categories are also included within the CCC regulations. In normal circumstances, when organizations based in the state of Canada engage in the process of exporting goods to the Republic of China, their respective products undergo accreditation with the mark of the CCC if recognized within the regulation structure. As such, the CCC mark ensures that the exported goods observe the prerequisites and are therefore, viable for acceptance into the country’s market (“Certification Regulation for Canadian Exporters in China”). Additionally, the duration of time required to attain certification tends to change consistently. However, for the purpose of standardization, the accreditation service usually takes place for a minimum of three months. Nevertheless, in other instances, the time needed for the certification of exported products may be longer in respect to the disposition of the commodity as well as the process of testing or evaluation.

Company Investigation

With the major focus of the trade mission to China being Canada’s aerospace sector in the country, certain organizations constitute part of the assessment conducted to raise awareness of their involvement in the trade as well as the opportunities accorded to them as an outcome of the Canadian government’s efforts to bolster the exportation of its products to the Asia Pacific region. Accordingly, the successful disposition of Canadian aerospace organizations in the countries of Japan and China shows that the respective sector is internationally competitive and strategically positioned to exploit the opportunities presented. In respect to the trade mission to China and Japan, the first organization under investigation constitutes CAE Inc. With the company’s headquarters based in the city of Montreal within the province of Québec, CAE has been on the frontier of offering comprehensive instructional solutions via simulation technology as well as integrated training approaches on a global scale (“About CAE”).

Additionally, the organization focuses on providing its clients with a range of innovative goods, service, and instructional center solutions. Such solutions focus on assisting clients with satisfying various demands that are imperative to the values of safety, effectiveness, and eagerness. CAE Inc. offers comprehensive flight-based training services to clients based in the sectors of civil aviation as well as security and defense. Because of this, the corporation possesses the largest established foundation of military and civil flight simulators, facilitated further by an array of sales services. Apart from this, CAE possesses the widest instructional services network globally. With such a wide coverage, the organization is capable of offering military, helicopter, and civil aviation training services in more than 60 vicinities globally. On a yearly basis, CAE offers the respective training services to over 120000 military and civil crew affiliates (“About CAE”). Aside from the sectors of civil aviation and military, the respective corporation provides innovative learning techniques for learners and professionals within the healthcare sector. Through the company’s expertise in instructional services, training experts and students become capable of developing pragmatic experience via simulation instruction prior to the treatment of real patients.

Based on the trade mission, the focus on CAE was vital to the provision of opportunities that may benefit Canada’s aerospace segment. Consequently, the respective corporation took part in a mutual partnership with the airline organization, Japan Airlines. The partnership was responsible for the institutionalization of a training center aimed at pilots from primary as well as third-party states based within the general Asiatic region. The trade mission to China and Japan was advantageous for the respective company as well as other parties involved. More specifically, the opening of the venture training center by CAE was a sign of commitment towards Japan Airlines. In return, the company was capable of providing 14 simulators to the organization. Due to this strong partnership between CAE and Japan Airlines, both organizations have succeeded in appealing to clients based in both Canada and Japan hence gaining economic growth in considerable levels (“About CAE”).

The next organization under assessment comprises Bell Helicopter. Based in the city of Mirabel in the province of Québec but headquartered in the city of Fort Worth, Texas, Bell provides various opportunities in respect to an array of functions, levels of career, and regions (“About Bell Helicopter”). In this respect, the organization engages primarily in the production of commercial helicopters. As an expansive and contemporary manufacturing facility, the company produces and avails the latest in commercial helicopters to interested clients. Additionally, with its recent spread in other parts of North America as well as the Asia Pacific region, the organization has since delivered over 35000 commercial aircraft to clients located all over the world (“About Bell Helicopter”). Aside from this, Bell Helicopter engages in the provision of certified commercial aircraft that are viable in foreign countries.

In connection with the trade mission to China and Japan, Bell Helicopter has gained immensely from the trade partnership between Canada and the respective countries, especially Japan. In terms of the advantages that Bell has attained, the organization has been capable of selling its commercial aircraft to airline organizations based in Japan. At the time, Bell Helicopter Japan availed the model, Bell 412EP, to Nishi Nippon Airlines (“About Bell Helicopter”). Accordingly, the sale made by Bell was its sixth to the airline organization aforementioned. Furthermore, the company’s products are considerably active in the country of Japan based on the number of units that are presently utilized.

Bombardier Aerospace is another company based within the Canada’s aerospace sector that has gained considerably from the trade mission between Canada and China as well as other countries in the Asia Pacific region such as Japan. Headquartered in the city of Montreal, Bombardier has been on the forefront of the country’s aerospace sector as shown by the diversification of its products. In terms of the aerospace market, the organization takes part in the provision of business and commercial aircraft to its clients locally and internationally. With the advantages provided by the trade mission in China and Japan, Bombardier has been capable of setting up its operations in Japan. Currently, the organization has exhibited consistency in the replacement and growth of its Q400 and CRJ aircraft (“China Express Airlines Orders 10 More Bombardier CRJ900 Jetliners”). Moreover, with the focus on the Global Markets Action Plan by the Canadian government, Bombardier stands to gain due to the prioritization of the aerospace sector as well as Japan. Similarly, the company has been capable of availing its aircraft to the Chinese, particularly the China Express Airlines.

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