Cooperative Political System





Cooperative Political System


A political system in this case refers to governance or authority that guides nation states. According to the New World Order, cooperation is the best political system that nation states can use to prevail. People should have in mind that objects of daily use have been manufactured and delivered to them through coordinated efforts. Cooperation always brings the best in people unlike competition, which brings the beast in them. Cooperation increases the rate of creativity, the number of ideas, creates a pleasant working environment and improves the quality of the outcome. Unfortunately, many people are not taught cooperative skills. Surprisingly most of the parents encourage competition instead of cooperation. Cooperation boosts self-esteem, makes people have a better sense of community and belonging.


The cooperation system is concerned with democratic control by the member nation states. It is based on equitable return of economic surpluses and the desire to share profits and benefits among the participant nation states. Cooperation among nations allows the ability of operation in a free market economy. In this system, nations are provided with better goods and services at reasonable prices. Business opportunities are created for both nations. Cooperation should be considered an essential part of development strategy. Cooperation helps in poverty reduction among nations. Cooperated nations have the advantage of identifying economic opportunities for the poor. It empowers the less fortunate to defend their interests.

The cooperative system converts individual risks into collective risks and makes it easier for the nations to develop socially. When nations work together, there are more tax write-offs, and thus, there is a lower income tax rate. The cooperative system is usually organized into service and producer entities that cut across various sectors among the nations. This strengthens the member nations’ financial stability and provides a sustainable growth.

The teamwork leads to progress in sectors like banking, credit, agriculture, fishing, governance, housing, and transport, among others. Nations that cooperate have the potential to deliver goods and services to areas where both the public and private sectors have not reached. The cooperative system plays an important role in food security and wealth creation. The government provides special assistance to the cooperative systems to enable them achieve their goals and objectives. In most cases, countries that work together have limited liability and as a result, nations should not fear suffering financial losses. Membership is usually open to all nation states. A nation can become a member anytime and leave whenever they want. No restrictions are made based on religion or the color of the citizens of a specific nation.

States that have a working relationship are competitively superior. Cooperating nations easily achieve their goals of economic and social development through specialization and division of labor. Specialization in a single job has a better outcome than multitasking. These leads to interdependent organizations where specific jobs are performed by specialists and those equipped in that field. It is an advantage that cooperated nations cannot be dissolved by death or permanent incapability of member states. The system may exist for the longest period possible. New nations may join and the old ones leave, but the relationship created shall still run unless all nation states decide to dissolve the union. Therefore, cooperative systems are stable and embrace continuity.


Cooperation improves social and economic growth within nations. It also acts as a means of self-help by offering opportunities for capacity building among individual nations and their organizations. Cooperation leads to major contributions to the millennium development goals. Through cooperation, livelihoods are secured. Through the political system of cooperation there are higher chances of nation states prevailing and the world’s economy rising.

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