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Customer Service

I am a regular user of computers and computer programs. I have had a variety of experience with sales representatives from consumer electronics entities, some of which are pleasant and others are not pleasant. From such experiences, I find that customer service and customer satisfaction forms an integral part of successful modern organizations. One of the most memorable and satisfying sales experiences was when I visited apple stores in search of a variety of their products. I can describe it as one of the most fascinating experiences given that I was able to gain a significant amount of knowledge on using a variety of products that were on display.

The sales representatives at the Genius Bar were extremely helpful in providing assistance in using my product of choice. I wanted to purchase a Mac book that would suit my computer and programming needs. They provided firsthand and expert knowledge on how to use and maintain the product. Personalized attention and service was one of the positive aspects that I can recall in the entire sales process (Machado, & Diggines, 2012). The opportunity to get personalized advice and assistance from the sales representatives demanded booked reservations made in advance before the actual visit. This ensures that all potential customers are guaranteed of expert advice and assistance by the entity in advance by allocation of time and resources based on individual needs.

Additionally, the focus provided by the staff towards answering my questions on the use and functionality of the products was one of the positive aspects of my experience at the Apple retail store. Furthermore, they focused on my needs with a personalized perspective, which enhanced the overall quality and experience of the service (Machado, & Diggines, 2012).

My worst experience with a sales representative was during a visit to one of the most acclaimed retail stores in the United States. I wanted to make a purchase for a bicycle given that there were advertisements for some bikes that were on offer on their website and other advertising media. I was deeply concerned with the lack of knowledge by the sales department of the existing product offers that were advertised. They were unable to differentiate from one product to the other due to insufficient knowledge about their products. Furthermore, all products were priced at a similar level (Machado, & Diggines, 2012). The modern consumer is knowledgeable on his needs and product, which should be an important basis for making sales to consumers. I resorted to abandoning the store and headed to another retail store where I would be able to get similar products at a fair price.

From the two experiences, I find that exceptional customer service forms an integral part of modern organizations seeking to retain customers. Organizations should hire employees who are knowledgeable about their products and skilled in driving consumers to make a purchase. All consumers usually know the products that they want, but are in need of support and convincing to make a purchase. Sales representative should only aid consumers to make a purchase rather than force a product on a consumer (Machado, & Diggines, 2012). The personalized service provided at Apple was exceptional in that they were able to provide excellent assistance on ways to use and maintain the product. This was due to the knowledge and skills possessed by the sales representatives on the products of the entity.

On the other hand, my unpleasant experience was largely attributed the inadequate knowledge possessed by the sales staff. They failed to provide convincing viewpoints on the respective products that I wanted (Machado, & Diggines, 2012). In addition, I felt that the failure to provide information was driven by the need to overprice the products or provide me with low quality products that were below the market standards. It was also evident that the entity makes excessive profits from customers who possess minimal knowledge on pricing and functionality of their products.

Furthermore, an organization that fails to provide consumers with adequate information on their products fails in convincing the customer to make a respective purchase. Consumers rely on an entity for the expertise on using, servicing and maintaining a given product. Thus, the failure to provide consumers with such information is an illustration of an entity that does not have the best interests of consumers at heart.    

 I would not consider myself as a sales person given that I am not exposed to interactions with consumers on a professional level. However, I can provide exceptional sales services to customers by gaining knowledge and expertise on using the products that I sell. I think it is a basic requirement for sales representatives and staff of an entity to understand their products and the role of such products in satisfying the needs of a customer (Bacal, 2011). Becoming an expert sales representative demands experience in terms of product knowledge and a means of relating with diverse consumers.

On the other hand, I can consider myself as an expert in my day-to-day work given that I have been able to gain experience on the products that I sell. A large part of being a successful sales person is the ability to appeal to potential customers as an individual. Knowledge and skills in using a product are complimentary attributes towards becoming a successful sales representative. Personalized services form some of the essential attributes for modern day sales activities (Bacal, 2011). This amounts to providing consumers with service hat targets their personal needs, preferences and wants. Providing products that satisfy the respective consumer needs is complimented by exceptional customer service.


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