Drag Racing





Drag Racing

Drag racing involves the use of automobiles and or motorcycles in a competition between two drivers at the same time on an extended distance. The common distance in the short straight course is usually a quarter mile with a standing start from commencement, although different countries use varied measures. In some circles, speed cars, nitromethane powered dragsters, top fuel motors or bicycles are used in the competition depending on the agreed rules between the participants. From the era of the sixties, electronic timing and systems that use speed sensing have been enabled to record the results. The different types of racing within the sport are occasioned according to street competition. In addition, regulated form of automobile motorsport is also part of it. With the growth of interest and hype in the style of competition, drag racing has grown exponentially from the nineteen sixties to present day. The challenges depicted from back then and maintained to this day include safety and preventive mechanisms to drivers, adjudicators, and the fans of the sport.

            I am an ardent supporter of drag racing, having picked up the interest from a tender age. The sport involves the camaraderie of the supporters in conjunction with the drivers and enabled systems put in place by the regulators. Participation in the sport began with my close friends, especially with generated interest among the youthful groups through social media interactions, broadcast avenues, and increased association with family setups. The development of grassroots racing with a desire for participation in light forms of the sport was introduced while still on holidays across the nation and interested groups were given passage to the initial and simple forms of competition. From the first relatively easy participation and availability of basic information, development into drag racing has become an everyday part of my life. In addition, the support I receive from my family has made it possible to generate information, seek simulations, teachings, and follow the national setup and established performers. Similarly, my influence has encouraged more of my friends to acquire knowledge about the sport.

            The use of American muscle cars defines the high-performance nature of drag racing. The two-door sports coupe used in the sport’s competition delivers the excitement, adrenaline, and high stakes associated with drag racing. The above makes it possible to associate with high-performance driving and delivery of the fierce competition when the racing is ongoing. With the fitted V8 engines in majority of the American muscle cars used, the stability of the motor vehicles ensures that the margins of defeat in the races are limited to accuracy and technical ability of the respective drivers. The logic behind the strength in the display when the cars are used in drag racing I epitomized by the large displacement that they offer in the short distance. Usually, with the quarter mile distance from start to finish, acceleration with utmost control is delivered at the spectacle of cheering supporters. With the injection of corporate interest, the races have always built up to the expectations.

            The electronic system handles management of the competition after the start occasioned by the Christmas tree. Each driver has a column of three lights on separate sides adjacent to their lanes of participation. They act as controllers for commencement and eventual halting once the individual race is achieved. The colors are usually blue, amber, green, and red. The sequence of lighting is in the order of one, three, and then one each according to the placing of the colors. Each driver has to pre-stage after the starting line with the corresponding interchange of each color and sequence of starting the race. The tree is then atomically activated when the beams are tripped ready for participation. Disqualification can be given when the seven seconds elapses between the signaling of the timed out color of the red beam. If one of the drivers leaves immediately after the green light ahead of the competitor, usually he or she gains a hole shot advantage over the other rival.

            Drag racing involves the advancement of a winning driver according to the standard format from the initial stages into the final round. The ultimate winner is then presented with a medal plus remuneration towards the championship. Drag racing is an ideal sport for involvement with the supporters as it is entertaining and enables competition with engaged influence. One of the most iconic involvements of the supporters from the stands is popular support enabled at the speed trap. It is more engaging and safe for both parties as the spirit of the supporters is channeled to the drivers especially with the skillful navigation on the elapsed time. The racing organization also provides for the family themes, amusement avenues for the younger crowds, entertainment, and after-race meet and greet with the participant drivers. With generated interest, I consider myself as a participant since I write periodicals for our local magazine on excerpts regarding the race after every event.

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