Engineering Project Management





Engineering Project Management

A project manager ought to comprehend various influential aspects at the departmental and organizational levels. This is because a successful assignment is dependent on various components that directly or indirectly affect the operations. Although project management depends on several directorial attributes, three fundamental areas are important in executing the development plan. For this reason, all professionals involved in proposal management should be conversant with these facets before making any decisions. One of these areas of concern is risk management. This is because, like other commercial institutions, certain internal and external factors may result in adverse interference in the departmental and organizational operations in the firm (Tinnirello 56).

This commercial technique seeks to identify, analyze, and minimize the effects of any harmful proceedings that may arise in a business organization. Depending on the type of risk and enterprise, a project manager has the responsibility of formulating and implementing appropriate strategies that will protect the venture or corporation from fiscal destruction. These forms of risk include natural disasters, lawsuits, loss of stored data, and uncertainties in the main markets (Tinnirello 61). To avoid negative outcomes in such cases, the project manager should identify the risks in time. This will help in responding appropriately to mitigate the problems. Consequently, the corporation under consideration will not have to use countless resources in order to avert collapse of a business venture or the entire firm.

Community and stakeholder management is also an important area of focus for a project manager. This is because the project needs various parties to participate directly or obliquely in its proceedings in order to attain the set objectives. With the objectives of the project incorporating societal norms and interests, the project manager should engage the community and other relevant stakeholders in major decision-making processes. This will create an enabling environment, which is necessary for successful operations. Since the corporation deals with the construction of power transmission systems, there is need to enlighten the general population of any environmental effects of the project. This will prevent any forms of conflict between TransGrid and the neighboring community.

This is possible through the implementation of certain strategies that ensure strong relations among the involved stakeholders. For example, through the guidance of the project manager, it is necessary to inform the general population of any activity within the firm that may have negative effects on the environment. By implementing such managerial tactics, the neighboring community will work together with the administration of TransGrid in formulating ways that will promote the wellbeing of all individuals while encouraging increased proceeds for the company (Tinnirello 71). Likewise, the project manager should understand the need to respect the opinions and responsibilities of other stakeholders in the company. This is because the various duties executed by these shareholders have an effect on the inventions of the project under consideration.

Furthermore, budgeting and forecast is an important feature of project management. This is because, similar to other business enterprises, TransGrid seeks to obtain maximum returns from its operations while utilizing minimal inputs. For this reason, a project manager in this organization has to control all proceedings with reference to a preset and detailed budget. The budget should include the particulars of the expected expenditures. In addition, the project manager should keep a record of past expenses in order to identify any deviations from the allocated amount of money. Such techniques offer a conventional approach to administrative pronouncements. Consequently, it is easy to use the evidence from the prepared budget in order to decide if the venture is practicable.


The three areas of focus of the project management process have direct and indirect benefits to the business organization. To start with, risk management makes it easy for a commercial institution to avert any form of operational losses such as non-payments from business associates or other disciplinary actions (Tinnirello 83). Likewise, the aspect of community and stakeholder management is important in creating harmony between the corporation and the society. Additionally, according to the ethical principles guiding the organization, this facet promotes the wellbeing of the general populace. Furthermore, budgeting and forecasting will help in averting losses in the operations of the firm. This is because the financial plan formulated through the guidance of the project manager ensures that the venture does not require higher amounts of inputs than the resultant outputs. This makes it possible to make concrete decisions regarding the feasibility of the project.

Recommendations for Quality Assurance

            To ensure success of these three areas of focus, the project manager has to promote quality. This is because the project management process aims at improving the superiority of its deliverables. However, for a commercial institution to succeed in this aspect, it has to set specific techniques through the project manager. To start with, the project manager has to guide the involved team of employees in setting quantifiable and practical targets regarding the quality of their products and services. Additionally, the project manager should collaborate with his or her subordinates in identifying a date when the team should accomplish the quality targets. This will stimulate the group of employees in terms of increasing the value and capacity of their performance.

            Furthermore, the project manager of TransGrid should formulate specific approaches that detail the proposed manner of attaining the quality targets. The project manager also has the responsibility of implementing these tactics. In the process of execution, he or she ought to identify and keep a record of any hindrances or accomplishments in the quality management proceedings. This will help the team in identifying badly chosen strategies in their plan, enabling them to make relevant changes in time. Likewise, the improvements in the quality management process will act as a motivation for the entire group as well as a platform for formulating quality management approaches for future projects(Tinnirello 94).Identification of these improvements and hindrances is possible through frequent evaluation of the process.


            The post of a project manager is one that requires maximum levels of commitment and skills. An individual positioned in this post ought to be cautious of the quality of the services and products offered to the customers. This is possible by formulating and putting into practice measurable and practical strategies that aim at meeting the preset goals. Additionally, being in a company that focuses on the construction of power transmission systems, the project manager should be ready and willing to collaborate with other stakeholders and the neighboring community. This is because the emissions from this commercial institution may have negative effects on the environment. For this reason, he or she should inform the general population of any activities that may have destructive outcomes with reference to the atmosphere. This will aid in creating an enabling environment upon which the corporation can realize its objectives.   

Work Cited

Tinnirello, Paul C. Project Management. Boca Raton: Auerbach, 2000. Print.

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