Environmental Conservation





Environmental Conservation

Question 1

The overall footprint in the original calculation resulted in 5.6 worlds. It is a surprising development because it illustrates that little everyday chores and routines can cause huge ecological consequences thereby increasing the possibility that such actions are damaging to the environment. In most instances, these activities enhance the quality of life but according to the theme of the quiz, they are disastrous for the environment and need to be curtailed.

Question 2

Results obtained after the examination indicate that the services sector was the top economic variable that had a large impact on the ecological footprint. It is also evident that shelter garnered the least influence amongst all the demographics. As such, utilities such as the use of electricity and gas for fueling the car are two most frequent habits that have enhanced the impact on the footprint. They signify the continued environmental degradation occasioned by the use of non-renewable fuels, which increase the level of carbon, by using such raw materials.

Question 3

Changes to the current lifestyle were tackled. For instance, the consumption of fewer animal-based foods was viewed as a viable option of reducing dependence on items such as processed meat, eggs, and poultry, which rely heavily on the planet for survival. Recycling of used material and the purchase of unpackaged goods was also incorporated as a means of limiting environmental degradation. Usage of renewable energy sources such as solar panels for the production of electricity was also included, and the switch to energy efficient equipment was deemed appropriate for accomplishing the above objectives too. Public transportation is yet another approach towards reducing the carbon footprint rather than relying on personal vehicles for travel. It would mean that less fuel is being used thereby lowering the activities that are involved in energy production such as drilling for oil. In fact, it would be helpful in advancing the agenda of embracing a cleaner environment by minimizing the number of cars on the road. This would decrease the rate of carbon emissions as well. Taking of local holidays as opposed to flying would guarantee minimal disruptions in the ecology because of the few movements too. Commitment to these alterations enabled the footprint to decrease by 1.5 worlds to 4.1. This figure is hugely surprising because, with all these undertakings, it should have made a higher difference.

Question 4

This tool is very useful in motivating individuals to act differently because it lays an emphasis on ordinary routines that most people partake. It also offers pictorial as well statistical figures, which illustrate the consequences of their actions in a clear way thereby eliciting emotional reactions from users that spur them into action. By instantly showing the level of destruction that a user’s lifestyle has on the environment, it helps to develop guilt consciousness thus occasioning the quest to correct such mistakes. It is, therefore, suitable for businesses to initiate change upon using this tool because such entities are the major stakeholders in this scenario. Their high production levels are motivated by their quest for profits, and this greed contributes to the destruction of the environment. As such, they are bound to realize the impact such processes have on the planet and become committed to the need for its sustainability. The services they offer too are reliant on planet Earth, and they are likely to experience further growth by engaging in conservation efforts.


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