My name is Talha and I am a student in PMU. I am undertaking a major in Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering. I chose my area of discipline because I am interested in the practical aspect of the academic study as well the knowledge on how things function like engines, machine parts, pistons and the like. I prefer the details on designing as it resonates with my passion from childhood, hence the direct choice of Mechanical Engineering. I intend to complete the degree and earn the right of a respectable mechanical engineer in the short term. In the long term, I would wish to pursue a master’s degree after obtaining work experience and use this knowledge to offer my services to my country of Pakistan.



Through the utility of both English and Arabic, it is expected of me to be able to convince in my mastery of the languages for my professional utility. Effective communication is also vital for career progression and expression with in the professional field. I was able to improve on my communication abilities with the assignment of description of a sand grain. It tested my communication prowess as concerns the description of the size, appearance, background and composition of the sand grain. Secondly, the assignment on a tribute speech towards our country’s founder sharpened my oral skills. The difference associated between a written, oral and presented speech helped my distinction of effective communication abilities to an audience of either an individual or a group of people.  


Technology is an essential tool for completion of tasks, achievement of goals and facilitation of daily utilities (Vriens 129). Through the adequate use of technology, better research on the academic requirements, presentation abilities, high-quality delivery of finished articles as well as resource access, I will be able to achieve my academic qualifications with ease. During the presentation of my oral communication, I was able to utilize technology in development of animations and use of smart art to complete the designs. In creation of the portfolio, website designing and layouts had to be effected with the use of technology tools for a required grade and assertion of the same. It strengthened my core skills and abilities as regards academic requirements on mechanical engineering.   

Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving

Logical reasoning and creativity are two vital tools necessary for informed and responsible decision-making processes. Effective decisions made translate to achievement of goals, assurance of success while minimizing any errors in my studies as well as progression in my career. Factors that contribute to success in problem solving are consultation and relevant analysis. During an assignment of the debate on women driving in Saudi Arabia, I had to sharpen my logical thinking on debate techniques and analysis. Through supporting and advocating for the women, I learnt on effective reasoning towards my beliefs, ethical standpoints and the truth. In addition, learning on the different types of arguments sharpened my knowledge on their basis and uses. It enhanced critical thinking mechanisms in a definitive timeline and enabling of solutions.      


Professionalism is the minimal standards required on the official setting of a given task accomplishment. Success in professionalism is vital for academic excellence as well as the facilitation of career attainment and development. During the studies, I had to increase my knowledge on diversity on both my own understanding and the analysis. At the start, I had limited knowledge and had to complete generate informed analysis on the topic. In the end, I gained considerable information on different diversities, as was evidence through the presentation of the results. The deadline and ethics expected as directed by our tutor enabled me to grasp the professionalism required at all time. I embraced it and achieved commendable results through execution.


In the accomplishment of tasks and achievement of group goals, teamwork is necessary for its success. Teamwork enables easier achievement of the set out targets through active participation, effective cooperation and efforts from all the respective members. It reflects on the academic targets as well as advancement in career objectives. Through the presentation of learning outcomes, I had to complete the task in a group and this had to be achieved through teamwork. Additionally, the assignment on user manual document and technical documentation required the input of a group. It facilitated my involvement as a group member through h cooperation and teamwork towards the targeted score. Despite the struggles of working s a team, I benefited through the teamwork.   


Effective leadership calls for responsibility, informative abilities and communication skills (Drucker and Maciariello 14). As an essential tool for serving of my community members and career development, leadership is vital according to my yearning of success from the academics. In the management of oneself, I learnt on the self-analysis mechanism and leading of myself. Preferences and conducts had to be influenced on my reasoning in order to accomplish the task. In the cross-functional teams’ assignment, I had to depict my leadership qualities in leading a situation like that of Libya. I had to manage the solutions regarding the problems faced and knowledge on the same with control measures and assurances. It evidently sharpened my leadership skills and abilities.

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Vriens, Dirk J. Information and Communication Technology for Competitive Intelligence. Hershey, PA: Idea Group Pub, 2004. Print.

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