Ethical Considerations in Research

Ethical Considerations in Research



Ethical Considerations in Research


            Learning experience embodies the values gained and analytical explanations of the process that a student goes through. The developmental aspect of learning experience is vital in the cause of knowledge acquisition and its application in the studies. Throughout my studies on WRTG 101, I have managed to undergo transformed culture of understanding and encompassing the acquired knowledge in the process. Completion of assignments, following of instructions, meeting the targets and enabled research have all been identified tools used throughout the process in order to achieve a set grade at the end of the evaluation. The coursework required entailing of the learned aspects, while carrying out research on relevant materials needed for the successful intake of the course. The relevance of the coursework is measured in the future deployment according to the career choice and path followed by each of the students. My research essay turned out successful due to the particular attention paid in ethical considerations as enabled throughout my learning and research.


            The topic of my essay was based on ethical considerations in research as regards the scholarly needs and information. The reason I chose this topic is that research forms the basis of learning in intuitions. Apart from the availabilities enabled from the lecturer, the student’s input towards their acquisition is tested and honed through their personal research. Most of the time, the materials required by students have to be obtained from different avenues apart from creative learning. For example, libraries, online means, and any scholarly approved outlets, for validity provide the basis of these sources. Thus, the most important tool needed when carrying out research understands the procedure of ethical requirements (Smith, 2007). I though carefully of the research potentials and problems encompassed in the topic since its relevance affect the manner in which students get information for their studies.

            I based my research from the lecturer’s directives, online availabilities, as well as library means. The former allowed me to have personalized analyses as guidelines for the study since it was my beginning in utilizing the study mechanisms. The latter was accessible and reliable for my research since it has accredited and valid information content on my coursework. The databases I used were predominantly guided by my course of study as well as research entities. In the academic sections, generalized and narrowed guides towards research mechanisms were availed on catalogues for different levels (Resnik, 2011). The key words that I used include ethics, considerations, research, and relevance. In terms of retrieving full text articles, it was an informative experience since I had to distinguish on accreditation of original pieces to the scholars or writers, respect the confidentiality and privacy, as well as following the informed rules of consent.

            It was a tedious experience due to the varied information sources on research. For example, distinction had to be made between primary sources, secondary and tertiary ones. In addition, I had to determine comprehensively the originality by doing background checks of the authors and legitimacy of the sources especially on online pieces. Difficulties encountered were through the generalized scope of the study as opposed to determining the identical ethics of the study (King, 2010). Secondly, the difficulty of being conscious of multiple roles required extended periods at the library to obtain the core sources (DeRenzo and Moss, 2006). Intellectual property had to be discussed with other students in order to achieve credit in terms of the authorship for the studies (Love, 2012). However, I succeeded in completing the research on time as well as detailing the whole process through comprehensive study with cooperation between other students and guidance from the lecturer’s directives.   

            With the completed essay on the research that I did, it has proved vital for my future endeavors, both in the course studies and career in general. In terms of the assignments that I will handle, I can be able to handle intellectual property with ease, be conscious of multiple roles, follow the informed rules derived from consent, respect privacy and confidentiality, and tap into resources on ethics. Through the research, it has enabled me realize my past failures when conducting such studies especially where I did not carry out background checks and used other student’s information analysis. Secondly, it has helped me review of my research methods by accrediting scholarly journals for detailed and enhanced information as opposed to generalized article and availabilities for students’ use (Manly, 2006). The skills enabled in the research process are vital for my career progression as I will be a through enabler in my capacity due to the ethics acquired and normative process I have been.


            My research essay turned out successful due to the particular attention paid in ethical considerations as enabled throughout my learning and research. I feel I deserve a grade a due to the diligence maintained throughout the process, quality of information gathered and presented and the outcome of the process as reflected in my coursework. The enabled course through WRTG 101 will be a significant enhancer in my progression of knowledge acquisition and future assignments in terms of quality, research, and analysis.


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