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Final Exam

What is the purpose of a proposal? Explain how it is done, what should be included and describe the steps you would take.

            A proposal is a document that informs the reader about an idea that will be evaluated and analyzed in the final project report. The document, in this case, offers an overview of the author and the idea in retrospect for the approval of the instructor. The main purpose of a proposal is to persuade the reader that the issue being addressed is important to course development and requires innate analysis. In this case, a proposal explains in enough detail to ensure that the need is clear. However, the author is prohibited from delving deeper into the issue such as the history. While drafting the proposal, an author is required to separate the document into parts. For example, the most important sections are the preamble, the method to be utilized, the schedule, credentials, financial structure, and the references. Some proposals may also require appendices. Among the things to include in a proposal include, a description of the project to the reader, a proposed plan of action as well as evidence to induce the reader of the relevance of the issue, the goals, analysis of audience, nature of the issue, procedure or policy to be pursued, the affected parties and advantages of the study.

Describe three types of arguments (deductive, inductive, and analogical) and relate when each might be used.

            Readers are often convinced once an author supports claims with logical evidence. It involves using credible and verified sources that will ensure fallacies are averted. There are three types of arguments. They include deductive, inductive, and analogical. Deductive arguments are general rules that are used to create specific outcomes. Deductive arguments derive significance from facts and previously identified information. They are used to identify a conclusion that is based on the connection between a major and minor premise. For example, if all men should be respected and John is a man, John should be respected. Inductive arguments are used to derive a general rule or theory from specific analysis and experiments. Inductive arguments infer the role of experiments to verify the applicability of a certain theory during research. Analogical arguments often compare a single situation with another. It is used primarily to build a definition in politics and law.

What is involved in the three levels (across the document, paragraph, and sentence) of the revision process? Elaborate on things you should do at each level.

            The revision process involves polishing the draft. The three tiers of review cover the entire text, the main sections, and the individual sentences. The consideration of the entire text involves considering what the overall theme or intent of the document is. This level is also known as macroediting. At this stage, the author evaluates the organization of the draft and checks for any gaps and information that needs to be cut. For example, at this stage, the author checks the tone, headings, cross-references, and indexes, ethical and legal issues. At the paragraph level, the author evaluates each paragraph checking the transitions, clarifying whether the paragraphs contain clear topic sentences, and the supporting details. The author should also check whether each paragraph includes one main idea and ensure that it meets standard length. The sentence level is the proofreading stage where authors confirm the minor details and affirm the application of active voice; evaluate the clarity and succinctness of each sentence. At this stage, authors need to check subject-verb agreement, pronouns, tenses, and punctuations.

Explain three things you should consider when making an oral presentation. Note: Have a beginning, middle, and end, would be considered one thing.

            While making an oral presentation, a person needs to consider a number of things. For instance, presentations need to possess an introduction, body, and conclusion as major parts. At the introduction stage, the author needs to introduce the topic or hypothesis to the listener in order to ensure that they understand what is being discussed. At the body part, the author needs to highlight their claims in bullet points and include speaker notes that resonate to the points. For example while presenting about the history of the United States, the speaker notes will offer a vivid, but brief description to assist the listener understand. At this point, the author needs to employ visual elements or infographics. Some examples include charts, maps, numbers, surveys, lists, and bio boxes. Visual elements are essential since they provide quick facts and clarify difficult concepts. At the conclusion level, authors provide a quick recap of the topic and provide a heavy point of closure.

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