Functions and Roles of Management

Functions and Roles of Management




Functions and Roles of Management

            Management in organizations and businesses is the utility that coordinates people’s efforts in accomplishing the objectives and goals by utilizing the available sources effectively and efficiently. In order to accomplish the organization’s goals, the management has to plan, staff, organize, direct and control the initiatives. Most successful companies have management teams that ensure the major four processes are adhered and implemented within the organization. In management classes, students are required to conduct a session long project, which gives the students the capabilities of analyzing their acquired knowledge in class into reality. The project provides students with the opportunities to investigate the applicability of the knowledge and skills to their experiences in organizations. Apple Inc. is one of the most successful companies in the world with their products being sold all over the globe. The multinational corporation develops designs and sells computer software, personal computers and consumer electronics with most of their renowned products being the iPod music player, iPhone Smartphone, Mac computers as well as the iOS and OS X operating systems, Safari browser, iTunes browser, iwork creativity, iLife and other productivity suites. Through the session, long project, the planning, organizing, leading and controlling roles of Apple’s management surfaces.


            According to the founder, Steve Jobs, planning is the backbone of the company. At the planning stage that the company developed its mission and vision statements as well as the company’s goals, objectives and the strategies it would employ. Guided by the mission statement, which states that man has the capabilities of changing the world by being above structures and statements, the company has always worked towards attaining the best in the market in terms of innovation. The mission shapes its objectives, goals and offers the direction with which the company is heading. Through tactical, operational, strategic and contingency planning, Apple’s goals are further revealed such as depending on its resources regarding ideas on developing of new software and keeping their new products as a secret (Inside Apple,2012). Aside from the other goals, its main objective is delighting its customers by coming up sleek designs that makes the company lead among other organizations of its kind. 


            Basing on the designed strategies, organizing involves grouping of resources and strategies, which the company can utilize in order to accomplish its goals. The leading style in Apple is ultimately unique compared to other organizations. Unlike other organizations, which utilize bureaucracy in its leadership roles, Apple uses iterative patterns of work by building a link between its teams and the customer’s proxy (Koen, 2013). This enables the company create a dynamic link between the organization and its customer base hence it is able to work on the feedbacks provided. In addition, it has secret Chinese factories, which it utilizes its products as part of its designing. However, the organization does not utilize outside consultants and researchers in its company and solely depends on the available workforce.


             The leadership style of the company employs the Direct Responsible Individual (DRI), where a specific individual is responsible for an entire sector of the company. This is the main reason why the company got rid of Dilbert-approach middle mangers within the organization that might create their own mini-empires in the company. Meaning, it runs on sets of teams who receive information directly to a central management team. Additionally, after lab experiments, only two groups of managers are held responsible for the remaining process. These are the global supply (GSM) and engineering program (EPM) managers (Kinicki, 2013). These are the only groups who move out of the country into China and consult on the product engineering. The company does not entertain consultation on its products fro other companies. Nonetheless, the company builds designs and tests the products respectively. This process is repeated severally until all it finally reaches its ultimate desired product, which meets all its specifications. 


Controlling involves integrating five steps by the management. These include establishment of standards, recording and monitoring of performance, communicating, comparing its results and correcting its products though having in mind that the set standards are realistic. Most companies discuss about their products in advance before their official release but this is not the case with Apple Inc. Apple company uses a unique technique involving keeping its new products as a secret (Koen, 2013). Its marketing strategy involves keeping its consumer base anxious through the created buzz. After releasing of its products to the market, the company waits upon the response from its customer base and tries to correct on its mistakes.

Apple Inc. is a multinational company renowned for its quality products. Its ultimate success emanates from its management strategies that are different from those of other companies. Through the session, long project, the functions and roles of Apple’s management surface. The organization, planning, organization, leading and controlling roles and functions are evident through the project. Conducting the project equips one with the knowledge pertaining to management on the outside world and enables a student to understand and integrate the knowledge acquired in class in a business. This expands the level of understanding of a student regarding management.


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