Hair Weaves





Hair Weaves

The invention of the hair weaves in the 1950s was a relief for many women. It was especially beneficial for African American women, who found it difficult to manage their natural hair. The weave industry has grown since then. Every woman can now wear weaves irrespective of their race. Women who have good hair but they want a different look often wear weaves. The methods of developing the weave and styling it have changed over the years. Nowadays, people have the option of using weaves made from synthetic material or those made from natural hair. There are two main types of weaves, which include the bag and the bundle hair types. They differ in several aspects including their texture, look, and durability

The texture of the hair weaves refers to the feel. The weave texture is important because it determines the manageability of the hair. The bundle hair type of weave is soft. One gets the feeling that the weave is real since it resembles human hair. Since it is soft, this means that it is easy to manage. Combing and styling this type of weave is easy. This makes it appealing to many people. The bag type of weave is not as soft. Even though it is not hard, there is a clear difference between the two. This is because this type of weave does not go through much processing.

The second thing that differentiates between the two is the look. Many people buy weaves because of how they look. They want their hairs to look good. For many women, the appearance of hair is everything. This is the reason why they decide to put on weaves in the first place. The look is highly dependent on a person’s preference. Many people prefer the bundle type because it looks real. This type of weave can be curvy or straight. Despite this, the weave does not have a synthetic appearance. This makes the bundle weave more expensive. The bag type is more affordable. However, it has a synthetic appearance. In addition, the bag weave tends to be harder to manage as it tangles a lot

 The third difference between the two types of weaves is their durability. One of the determining factors when deciding on the type of weave to buy is how long one expects it to last. The bundle hair is more durable compared to the bag weave. A person can wear it for a few months before replacing. This is because it is easier to manage. This type of hair does not tangle or shed. In addition, a person can reuse it. The bag weave only lasts for several weeks. This is because it sheds a lot and it will have a bad appearance after some time.

Since their invention, weaves have played a huge part in women’s beauty. It has helped them to change their appearance. However, some people have experienced some problems wearing weaves. This is because they did not have enough information to make the right choice. It is important for women to know and understand the different types of weaves. If someone is looking for an affordable weave, which will only last for a short time, then she should consider buying the bag type of weave. However, if someone wants a weave that will last for a longer period, and if she is concerned about the appearance, then the bundle type is the preferred option.

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