Health Promotion Paper

Health Promotion Paper




Let’s Move is a brilliant strategy instigated by the First Lady with the aim of suppressing obesity among children. Not only does it have visible effects on the targeted portion of the public but it has also affected the entire healthcare system. Incorporation of various organizations has helped in the accomplishments of the project’s mission. However, there are certain barriers that have slowed down the implementation process.

Health Promotion Paper

The Let’s Move campaign is an all-inclusive program whose main mission is to suppress obesity among minors in the United States. This initiative, instigated by Michelle Obama, aims at promoting physical fitness among American children. According to its mission statement, the healthiness of these children is a significant determinant on the accomplishments of their dreams (Barbour, 2011). This assignment relates to the country’s objectives of promoting quality healthcare among the general population with the intent of improving the living standards of the current and future generations.

The instigators and implementers of this noble project have been targeting toddlers and schoolchildren. With various institutions catering for several children in terms of education, recreation, health, and nutrition, the First Lady has been in partnership with other individuals and organizations to address the health issue in several institutes. With parents being part of this program, the initiative seeks to assist members of all communities in the United States regardless of ones’ race, religious background, socioeconomic status, geographical region, or political affiliation.

A background analysis of this health issue exemplifies the necessity for such a national scheme. In the recent past, cases of obesity among minors have increased because of lifestyle modifications. For instance, kids hardly engage in physical fitness sessions since video games and other technological activities have gained popularity among this population category. Fast foods such as French fries, burgers, and carbonated drinks have also contributed to this health risk. According to several health-related statistics, forty percent of American minors suffer from this medical disorder with the figures projected to rise in the near future (Smolak, Thompson & American Psychological Association, 2009). Obesity instigates diseases like diabetes, heart complications, hypertension, and cancer.

The Let’s Move campaign has major effects on the targeted population segment as well as the entire healthcare system of America. To start with, it seeks to transform the unhealthy lifestyle of the younger generation in all geological regions of the nation. This is by enlightening the parents and children about the importance of adopting physical fitness activities and shunning excessive intake of fast foods with the intent of avoiding obesity. Consequently, the incidences of diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, and asthma are minimal among schoolchildren. Likewise, they are in a better position to fulfill their academic and professional missions.  

Furthermore, this initiative is an appropriate approach of improving the national healthcare system. This is because the costs incurred from the provision of remedies to these children are lower. With these lifestyle diseases forming a large portion of the health complications reported in various national health institutions, the government is able to channel some resources to other sectors of the healthcare structure. Likewise, the program has suppressed incidences of congestion in some sanatoriums, an aspect that has improved the quality of services offered to other patients because of the large number of human resources and fewer ailing individuals.

The objectives of this campaign have interim and long-term interventions aimed at accomplishing the main health mission. Some of these goals include conducting frequent awareness sessions with the intent of educating parents on the need to encourage their children to embrace a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, there is an obesity center at The Children’s Hospital, which caters for minors with this health disorder as well as other lifestyles diseases. The School Nurse Childhood Obesity Education (SCOPE) is also an intervention whose purpose is to provide school nurses with necessary skills of handling obesity cases in the school environment (Jordan & American Academy of Political and Social Science, 2008).

In order to accomplish these short and long-term goals, there are various organizations involved in its proceedings. One such institution is the national Initiative for Children’s Healthcare Quality (NICHQ) (Jordan & American Academy of Political and Social Science, 2008). This organization has formulated appropriate strategies that help medical professionals to offer quality healthcare to obese children. The Maine Youth Overweight Collaborative is also involved in this program. This community organization aims to offer practical support to the general populace while educating the public about the need to conduct a healthy lifestyle.

There are several resources accessible for the accomplishment of the program’s mission. The significant number of organizations involved in this scheme provides adequate resources for the proceedings. For instance, there are various health facilities that offer medical services to obese children at minimal or no charges. Additionally, a large portion of health professionals provides health advice and remedies to members of the general population. Business institutions incorporated in the project also offer the needed financial support that helps in accomplishment of the set objectives.

Despite this success, there are several barriers present in the implementation process. For instance, the evolving facets of technology make it difficult for some family units or individuals to embrace a healthy lifestyle. Some children enjoy video games, as opposed to physical fitness activities, making it difficult for them to improve their wellbeing by increasing the chances of suffering from obesity (American Academy of Pediatrics, American Public Health Association & National Resource Center for Health and Safety in Child Care and Early Education, 2010). Increased fast food joints are also a barrier in the transformation process. This is because the eateries attract a large number of individuals through luring advertisements. In conclusion, the Let’s Move initiative is an appropriate strategy of improving the wellbeing of Americans.


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