Inception and Psychoanalytic Analysis





Inception and Psychoanalytic Analysis

Various thematic subjects particularly based on family and children are evident in the motion picture, Inception. The first of these themes involves the significance of a sturdy relationship with parents. In the film, the wife of the protagonist is dead. Despite making reappearances in the dream as an aggressive persona bent on crushing Cobb’s plan, Mal is viewed differently in ‘real’ life. The relationship that she bears with her husband and her children is particularly strong. For instance, in the dream, Cobb tries hard to explain to one of his younger children that his mother passed away. However, he struggles to do this since the boy does not particularly admit to himself the truth and therefore, finds it hard to cope with his mother’s death. In addition to this, the relationship between Cobb (as the father) and his children is also an appealing quality. Regardless of his personal demons, Cobb empathizes with his young child to the extent that he struggles to actualize the bereavement of his wife and their mother respectively. 

The dreams that are within Inception form the basis for the whole film. Accordingly, in the corporate-owned setting of the movie, technology enables individuals’ minds to undergo invasive events via their dreams through a software application. Seeing this as an advantage, Cobb has been invading people’s minds in order to pilfer corporate and trade secrets at the request of significant business rivals. In this case, however, Cobb has been hired to plant a concept through a procedure plainly asserted as inception. Interestingly, Cobb has to perform this task while in a dream, which may take several phases that involve subsequent dreams. Based on these examples, the use of dreams in Inception stresses the idea that they are capable of being created. Accordingly, Cobb engages in the development of different ideas while stealing secrets from other business rivals in their dreams. Additionally, dreams are used in the movie to illustrate the complexities of the blurred boundary between perception and reality. Indeed, when a person dreams, he or she is able to generate and perceive simultaneously. Hence, he or she can create then believe in his or her own production.

The utilization of dreams in Inception is responsible for the creation of psychoanalytic thought. Over the years, dreams have been a recurrent subject in psychoanalysis. Foremost, in its core, the study of psychoanalysis presents the idea that each individual possesses a part within his or her mind that is unconscious. This unconscious part possesses contents that are mysterious in any form of overt sense to everyone. Additionally, this unconscious part is constituted of desires and emotions, which may be unapparent or repressed either as a way of facilitating social compliance or acting as a defense measure.  Furthermore, the respective unconscious mind is an accumulation of inconsistencies and thus, continues to be unarranged and uncontrolled. Inception acknowledges this aspect of the subject’s (Cobb) unconscious mind as seen in the scene where Cobb and Ariadne navigate through the subject’s dream world while facing uncontrolled threats that end up attacking her regardless of his conscious need to prevent such occurrences.

It is impossible to reject the assertion that Inception was indeed a multilayered film. Accordingly, the film is confusing with nearly four disparate but interconnecting narratives occurring simultaneously. Because of its multilayered quality, the film needs more than a normal amount of alertness in order to understand it. Despite this, Inception was considerably successful. In its entirety, the film addresses intellectual subjects and asserts a positive idea to them. The discussion of imperative intellectual issues serves as a platform for exhibiting an optimistic message wired around the subject of family, the subconscious’ vulnerability, observation of reality as well as the abstract query involving existence. Most productions of art which are thoughtful genuinely, challenging, and informative of man’s condition tend to be dull. In fact, insight and intellect are usually connected to melancholy and poignancy. In this case, Inception disrupts this stereotype with the way it is capable of satisfying the fantasy-based desires of most discerning people via its exploration of the psychological aspects that consistently elude human beings about themselves.

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