Informative Speech Outline





Informative Speech Outline

  1. Introduction
  1. In the movie Seed, a young boy by the name Max Seed, is shown through his life after the disfiguration from a bus crash that killed all the passengers except him. Being an antisocial and laughing stock in school, Seed decided to torture and kill people while committing serious crimes and filming them from the pain and agony endured during the process. He was then arrested and sentenced to death on the electric chair. As a model inmate, he killed three guards who had tried to rape him. On the day of his execution, he fails to die after two consecutive shock attempts. The state laws stated that any convicted criminal who survived three shocks would be let free. The staff from the prison decided to pronounce him dead and buried him in the cemetery. The reception of the film raised concerns on the scrapping of the death penalty sentence or increasing it severity.
  2. Thesis Statement- Today I will inform all of you about why the United States Federal Government should ban the death penalty.
  3. Preview- First, I will tell you about the origins of the death penalty through history, and then I will provide the pros on its use in criminalization as means of maintaining law and order inn the land before giving reasons for its cons and necessity for its abolition.
  4. Discussion

Death penalty, also known as capital punishment is the process of an individual being placed to death for punishment of a crime by the state (Bryan, The Times, 2005). It was used through societal history as culmination of punishment process for its severity (Brennan, Supreme Court Gazette, 2007). The crimes varied depending on the extent to the victims and effect towards the state laws.  

  1. Death penalty ensured there was establishment of consequential proceeds for capital crimes and it is an adequate sentencing depending on the crime (Walberg, ALU, 2007).
  2. The methodology used in its actualization, helped prevent crimes among the people with such intentions. It is deemed constitutional from time immemorial. It also serves as closure for the families of the victims (Schroth, Time, 2009).
  3. With the help of modern technology, sufficient investigations and evidence provides for its use it helps in reduction of inmate overpopulation (Feingold, Business Weekly, 2008).
  4. Reasons
  1. Some of the arguments against the sentencing point to a critical analysis. It is deemed an immoral point of punishment as life is taken from the offender (Dieter, Wall Street Journal, 2011). This is common to the religious faithful.
  2. It enables a substantial cost of finances in the process especially with the machines, sophistication by the specialists and execution. It does not represent quality and fairness of the defendants in regards to appeal and re-hearing if wrong judgment is used (Prejean, New York Times, 2011). In addition, if logical mistakes were made, the effects are not realized.
  3. The effects on plead bargain are quite dismal and are not valuable to human life. It has a detrimental effect on the victim’s restitution in account of the experience within the sentencing and execution. In addition, it is cruel and unusual (Conyers, Daily New, 2009).
  4. Conclusion
  1. I told you about the origins of the death penalty from its meaning and source since time immemorial and ended with the stance I was delivering.
  2. The provisions of the pros towards the punishment as from of crime reduction and justice are contained in the present means.
  3. The negative approaches of the punishment should be avoided at all costs through the federal government ban on it.   

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