Leadership Autobiography





Leadership Autobiography


My name is Sally Friday, born on 23 September in 1990 at Sarasota, Florida. Being the second child in my family, my other siblings are Ted and James. My father’s name is Michael Friday, while my mom is Penny Friday. I am current student undertaking my majors on occupational Therapy from Florida State University. During birth, I was conceived with a rare disorder that affects development of the lungs. It affected my breathing but fortunately, the condition did not last to my second birthday. I hail from a humble American background, middle-income family characterized by the upbringing of both parents’ lineages. I am of average height, towering to five feet and five inches tall and petite weight of a hundred and thirty pounds. My hair color is brown with distinct hair follicles. I am right handed, while I put on glasses in aid of my vision.     


Leadership is a prominent feature within my life’s development, as is my education to the university level. For example, in my work-related domain, leadership is entailed within my specific roles and responsibilities as well as accountability. Part of my exchange program involves internship on the practice, with detailed review processes as a student of occupational therapy. I report to a senior supervisory management team on a weekly basis, depending on the level of content coverage and studies at the institution. My schedule begins at ten in the morning, and extends to five in the evening, before filing the daily’s reports and submitting it to the supervisors. One of the main leadership entities learnt from the practice was through an experience from work, which shaped my abilities, especially with added responsibility, as compared to before when growing up.

            I was in charge of the oral medication of two siblings who suffered from cognitive disorders. The nurses on practice had been summoned for the annual evaluation process. During the routines performed on the siblings, administration of medicine was momentary depending on the lapses and responses from their bodies. On this particular day, while the nurses were undergoing the evaluation, one of the siblings became critically ill. They had been served their does of medicine at the stipulated time, but the responses were not forthcoming. I was at the basic level of occupational therapy, and did not know the technical actions to take. Through the instinctive analysis of the condition, I owned to the responsibility and used aggregation of the responses. I sought for assistance with the second child in order t avoid a replication n due time. Later on, on the supervisor notes’, my leadership roles were earmarked from the responsibility.

            My role model is my father, especially due to his leadership of the family. Apart from having a successful career in consultancy, he runs his own family business of real estate development. Over the holidays and weekends, I usually spend time catching up with him as well as receiving life advices on education, career development, and holistic living as an individual. The setup is usually at home or at times in his office, depending on his schedule and deadlines. I usually prefer it at the office, so that I can have a personal analysis of his leadership skills with his workers, and other managerial heads. He is consistent in his communication, filled with firm principles but empathic to the concerns of their conditions. He is a good motivator and rewards exemplary performance to notable employees, who always express their delight in working for him.     

            I am passionate sports person, as it helps in keeping my body fit while improving my physical capabilities. My favorite sport is basketball, despite its intensive workout regimen. Due to my work schedule and studies at the institution, I normally practice on two days during the week, with a voluntary match up at the weekend, preferably on a Sunday faster attending church. Y local team consists of various individuals from different backgrounds, races, and ethnicities. We attend the training sessions together, as well as compete for different categories. After the matches, we conduct bonding activities for the team in order to increase cooperation and improve relationships. One of the standout features that I learn from the team is the delivery of communication by the team captain. The demands of coordinating the team with multiple personalities and ethnicities are quite difficult, but the success of the team, teaches me on leadership attributes.

            Apart from the work and study parameters of my current occupation, I enjoy a lot of traveling, especially during y free time at the weekends. My memorable visits have been to the Grand Canyon when I was barely twenty years old with my family. One of the most important visits was about a year ago when we had an educational report visit to the china centre. We had to acquire the multi-cultural synthesis of various methods used to address cognitive disorders by different Asian communities as well as popular cross-cultural references. The task required our understanding of simple language and communication etiquettes with the locals, responses in their dialects and integrating with the study. Despite my low score in the report handed after the exercise, I had learnt a valuable lesson on embracing diversity as means of a having leadership approaches.  

Future Goals

Since I want to progress as an occupational therapist, motivated by the care needed to victims of such disorders, I have to increase my abilities as a leader to achieve this target. I am a good communicator, having being raised as the only daughter in the family. Therefore, I learn on how to express my concerns to my brothers and parents at all times while listening to them. Leadership requires strengthened resolve in effective communication in order to keep on the right track of what is needed. It helps generate the right attitude with the appropriate expectations, advice on issues, and the expected results from the changes on goals. I will have to use my communication ability to improve on the results.

            I hope to acquire the aspect of conviction as a leader. A strong conviction on a given vision and the discipline to achieve it is fundamental for a leader. Conviction helps determine the inspiration given to the followers and improvement of resources utility as means of achieving success. I hope to acquire the attribute within my working time, as the responsibilities require a foothold of conviction in achieving success without veering off from the vision. I also hope to acquire flexibility as not every problem can be fixed by a similar solution. Flexibility will allow me to be more open-minded to newer ideas, support mechanisms, integration, and considerations for achieving the best solutions to problems. Flexibility sets a good example to other members in terms of cooperation and teamwork.        

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