Legal Secondary Sources

Legal Secondary Sources



Legal Secondary Sources

Part One

Slip and Fall Accidents

James Ludlow is qualified lawyer based in Indiana. He writes this article to advice slip and fall victims on how to seek legal redress. Since entering the law field in 1987, Ludlow claims to have successfully helped many slip and fall accidents. Some of his clients include those that have slipped and fell on wet floors, icy sidewalks, and faulty store displays. From Ludlow’s article, I learned that property owners in Indiana are required by law to take reasonable precautions to ensure their clients are not put in danger (Ludlow, n.d). This article by Ludlow is spot on and provides relevant information regarding slip and fall accidents especially in Indiana.

Judgment in slip-and-fall Case

This is an article by Jennifer Nelson talks about an Indiana court that remanded a slip and fall suit for further proceedings. According to the article, Isaiah Christmas filed a lawsuit against Windsor Estates Health and Rehabilitation Center. Christmas claims that he slipped and fell on an ice-filled sidewalk in front of the defendant’s premises. The lawsuit was on the grounds of sustained injuries and negligence on the part of the defendant (Nelson, 2011). The court however ruled in Windsor’s favor since Christmas was not invited to the facility. In this article, I learned that the plaintiff in a slip and fall case needs to verify that the defendant fails to honor a particular duty. In this case, Windsor owes safety duty to invited guests. Because Christmas was not invited, he is not entitled to earn compensation.

Louisiana Slip and Fall LawSuit

LawQA published this article in an effort of explaining the aspect of slip and fall cases. The website explains a slip and fall cases of a Sandra Harrell filling a complaint against Dollar Tree. According to the article, the accident left Harrell with an injured knee and hip (LawQA, 2011). Her modesty was also compromised as the fall left her exposed because she was wearing a dress. Harrell’s defense is multiple cases of negligence on the part of Dollar Tree. The article concludes with the various provisions that should be satisfied if Harrell is to win this case. In this case, I learned that a plaintiff in a slip and fall case should prove the existence of four separate conditions. The main one involves proving negligence on the part of the defendant.

Part Two

Instruction One

            The article vital records chosen for this case talks various records a recognize citizen is entitled. Generally, an American citizen is accorded death, marriage, divorce, and birth among other important records. Such records are acquired from the concerned authority in state where the divorce, marriage, and death occurred. These records are used to for various purposes. Some of these purposes include showing proof of age, applying for insurance benefits, qualifying for a passport, and proving proof of citizenship. The social security death agency is responsible for listing people covered by social security at the time of death.

Instruction Two

            In the District of Columbia, the vital records agency collects, preserves, and administers birth and death records in the district. The District of Columbia started taking these records in 1874. As such, this mandate was instituted by the 1981 Vital Records Act. Studying this article allows me to understand that state laws determine the scope and extent of citizens attaining vital records. The information above can be accessed from the Department of Health located in the District of Columbia.


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