Lesson 8





Lesson 8

Part 2

The decisions made regarding the investment, production, and subsequent distribution of goods and services are enabled through the supply and demand system according to pricing used. The market economy as descried in the nineteenth century was typified by the slave trade and re-inscription that came with it. There were different categories of those who benefited from the most to the least in similar arrangement. The emphasis to the market economy could be addressed through the bodysnatching, displacement of relevant figures and the doubling effect from the trade and uptake of labor. The narrow tradition exposes the help gained in post-reconstruction America with the help of the trade especially during the nineteenth century and expected racial relations forthwith. The market economy at the time was typical negotiation without a planned production unit base in the markets. The associations from interventionists’ variants were through the governments, societies, and inter-connectedness of the suppliers, distributors, and regulators of the trade. The non-benefactors from all the proceeds in the case scenario were the slaves.

            The trope of bodysnatching in the era of Frederick Douglas’ expression through My Bondage, My Freedom was ideally meant to benefit the purchasers of the slaves according to the market economies of the time. The economically driven mechanism used in availing of the slaves was through reconstituting the body of humans as commodities through inevitable purchases and agreements between the different parties. The business of accounting from the purchasers required the interest depending on manual labor to be addressed by the slaves as well as the extent of duration needed. The social groups in this case where the majority native members who were whites. Since they owned vast plantations of crop growth and denudation, manual labor was in supply at minimal costs. They deprived the slaves of freedom, pay, and rights while they excelled in perpetrating the required production of crop yield. In turn, the produced would be used to source for required necessities through trade and commodity upheaval in the market economies.

            The second category of economic change benefactors were the enhancers of the trade. The scale of economies required input from the providers, transporters, and deliverers of the African slaves as well as minority groups. The economic boom of slave trade was realized in favor of the merchants in agreement with other parties who made it a success in their own terms. Capture and transportation required the effort from the three parties without regard for the lives of the slaves. Minimal costs ensured in transportation made it a reality regarding the deaths of slaves. Subsequent purchases of the slaves were ensured through effective foreclosure and the guise of collective prosperity. The economical emancipation realized benefited the captor, transporters and willing sellers to the majority native settlers with large plantations. Once the transactions were successful, revisits of the procedures were instituted without any resistance or regulations. The economic boom served to increase the sphere of influence amongst the perpetrators of slave trade in terms of financial gains.  

            The least benefactors from the economic change of the nineteenth century were the slaves. At the time of upheaval and reconstruction of America, the slaves suffered the most consequences in markets of economy and overall impact. Economically, they were not viable as compared to other social groups in the populations. After working on the plantations, they were denied pay, basic human rights, freedoms, and social justice. Their input from hard labor only served to provide them with food from the masters and availed shelter. Frederick Douglas’ expression through My Bondage, My Freedom articulates the harsh environments and circumstances that this social group faced especially when the reconstruction of America was due. Their physical input was important in facilitating the revolution through provision of products, goods, and services in the competition with other countries that underwent industrialization. Even after the abolition of the trade, the only benefit gained by the social group was freedom, identity, and recognition into the society. The economic changes realized at the time were basic units and provisions of needs.  

            The second least benefactors fro the economical change at the time of slave trade were the abolitionists. The market economy took precedence on the providers of goods, services and their production towards trade with other peoples. The native settlers who owned majority of the plantations where the slaves toiled under, had improved terms and say once the reconstruction of America took place. They were able to dictate the scale of economics in terms of the yield produced, prices, exchange availabilities depending on their own terms and expected returns to the national setup. On the other hand, abolitionists suffered from the events. They had opposed slave trade and demanded industrialization through equitable form of production. With their limited influence and availability of goods and services, the economic change did not favor much of their improvement. They were disregarded due to their stance and their levels of input did not amount to substantial grades. Along with the slaves, minimal benefits were associated with their social placing.        

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