Marketing Report in Du Telecom

Marketing Report in Du Telecom



Marketing Report in Du Telecom


            The Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company is an operator within the United Arab Emirates commercially rebranded and known by its name, Du. The latter move was sanctioned in the year 2006. The company has a remarkable number of subscribers totaling 4.5 million as of the year 2011. The firm is owned by Emirates Investment Authority, Mubadala Development Company, Emirates Communications and Technology Company as well as public shareholders. The respective percentages according to ownership are thirty-nine point five, twenty point zero eight, twenty and twenty point zero nine two respectively. Having been listed on Dubai Financial Market, Du Telecom is an exemplary performer with astute management team and cohesive workforce. It has headquarters in Al-Salam Tower in Dubai and is adept at producing finished line and mobile telephony as well as internet services and digital television. It also offers broadband connectivity, Internet Protocol Television services to homes, individuals, and business enterprises.

            Du Telecom’s vision is to become the leading delivery company of telecommunication within the United Arab Emirates and beyond. It is also meant to enhance the lives of customers despite the time and location. The company’s mission is to be the employer of choice, especially for getting the best talent while creating optimal value for stakeholders, shareholders, and partners through innovation and business excellence (Bloomberg Business, 2015). It is also meant to contribute towards the community’s transformation process while delighting the customers at all times. It also sets to achieve the mission through utilization of talent, skills, and available energies, which enable connection, inspiration and rewards to all its proceeds.

Marketing Mix


            Services of Du Integrated Telecommunications Company are available in United Arab Emirates, across the expansive regions. The coverage is not limited to geographical positioning or differential time zones. Connectivity is profound with the two avenues of television and internet options, which are available for all the customers according to their preference (World Teleport Organization, 2015). For example, the services and coverage can be expected from shopping centers, petrol pump, payment machines, mega malls, super markets, groceries, bank sites to mention but a few. In addition, the method used for acquiring the services is then obtained by the localized availability of the products. Majority of the regional offices are equipped with the facilities responsible for provision of the equipment, connection basis, and reliance on-field representative for the handwork. Incase of customer services and feedback dependence, the company offers round-the-clock organizational staff responsible for catering to he needs of the works everyday. Subjected cellular transmission plants for increased coverage within the region are also made possible to ensure clarity at all times for the benefit of all customers.   


            The Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company uses different strategies to affect the pricing of its services and products according to the user convenience. The company seeks to intervene in all the market segments while focusing on providing for the economical basis of pricing to the customers at very competitive terms as compared to the rivals. For example, the company employs skimming prices when faced with strategic introduction of new services and tariffs to the mobile users and connectivity to television and internet. The latter two are obtained by the pricing through a compiled package with a view of reducing them as time goes. The competition pricing is also witnessed with the matching of competitor pricing. For example, Du Telecommunications offers similar ranges to Etisalat, which is also an established member within the industry. Finally, premium pricing is used for the established pricing ad is offered to the bundled set of customers. It is used for similar exclusive products such as the mobile connectivity and prepaid offers on a regular period.      


            The Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company has three available products in its structured planning of customer services. The E-lit plan, pay as you go, and Visitor mobile plan have all different payment categories. The E-lit is associated with a prepaid plan for all the customers despite the location of the utility in use. Pay as you go is equally represented by a prepaid plan for the customers while visitor mobile plan uses differential mechanisms. In the latter, payment is done in a prepaid circumstance once visitor application is verified and authorized according to unique status. The company also supplies carrier services for the interested businesses while doubling up with a satellite avenue for television broadcasters. The latter refers to the size and availability of target audience for the interested business. It also includes mobile service with full tariff capabilities. The firm also ensures there are platforms for scalable media technology while offering telecommunication solutions. The television and Internet services are all interlinked and are available through localized packages, according to the preference of the customer.


            Du uses outreach criteria for promoting its services and products throughout the region. Through organized programs and promotion of product features, the company is able to market itself to the existing customers as well as attracting new ones. Publication is used through advertisements as means of bridging the gap especially where distance, location, and time are required in efficiency. Advertisements are enabled through the local newspapers in print media, billboards, magazines, flyers, and brochures. They are usually in periodical formats depending on the launch and re-evaluation of the content required from one time to another (Parker, 2014). Soft copy advertisements are witnessed through air shows, the used radio, television, cinema listings, and call availabilities with the callback plays of the services and products. Depending on the outreach availability of the customer, access to the popular networks of the advertised avenues distinguishes the visual recognition and uniqueness of the company’s products. In addition, by enlisting the services of popular societal figures and personalities, the company’s relevance is increased throughout the periods, especially with the latest trends.   

            Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company has embraced the internet platform and online avenue for increased promotional capabilities towards its products and services. The company has taken to social media as means of reaching out to potential customers while maintaining the loyalty of established ones. Its website has been earmarked as on of the premier resource enhancement for obtaining feedback, selling its products and services, as well as gaining vital information for future reference. The sturdy and relative ease of using the website has integrated user information, which the company advertises and takes advantage of increasing its portfolio. Through social media networking, communication and relevant information of the company can be shred across the world in real time while interaction fosters dependence and reliability with the customers. By joining on the popular trends and discussions held in the online platform, the company’s awareness is spread in a faster rate as compares to other measures. Suggestions and alterations on the company’s coverage, connectivity, and pricing of its services and products are also availed on a one-on-one basis.


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