My Educational Experience





My Educational Experience

My educational experience started from the basic literacy skills and developed throughout the years to enrich me with the abilities that have enabled me to be where I am today. Before I joined kindergarten, my parents mostly kept me indoors. I was encouraged to associate with family members and avoid contact with strangers. I think it was for my own good. With the help of my supportive parents, I was able to read and write before I joined school. I used to be fascinated whenever my father would read me bedtime stories at night. I became continuously interested in learning to read so that I can do it on my own. Clearly, my interest in literature began when I was still a child. Even though I was not good at it, I felt accomplished whenever I was able to read a few words.

I started interacting with strangers once I joined kindergarten at the age of three. Friendly teachers and new acquaintances at school positively contributed to the period I was at kindergarten. My mind was astonished by the wonders of literacy. My reading, writing and ability to use phonics improved tremendously. The incorporation of objects, such as block letters and LeapStart computers, made the learning process more interesting. I became increasingly interested in reading anything that I could get my hands on, from bedtime story books to newspapers.

Having learnt the basics of reading and writing at home before I joined school, I was always on top of my class. I was able to grasp the teachings in class much faster than any other student would. I was overwhelmed with excitement whenever I would be the first to finish the tasks that were given by teachers. With the help of my teachers and the interest I had in studying handwritings, especially my mother’s, I was able to improve on my own. By the time I was leaving kindergarten, I was able to express myself through written and spoken word very fluently. Because of my love for writing, I frequently drafted letters and notes to family members and friends. My most memorable experience in kindergarten is when I personally drafted an invitation letter to my grandfather, requesting him to attend my graduation ceremony, which I saw as a tremendous achievement.

My zeal for education continued even after I joined first grade. The quality of education in my new school was exemplary. Supportive teachers provided me with the necessary assistance to achieve my intended goals. However, the second grade was completely different. It was during this year that I encountered the first barrier to my intellectual pursuit. The class teacher was not as supportive as the ones had previously encountered. My emotional and educational progression was immensely affected by this situation. Fortunately, my parents noted the deterioration in my academic performance and transferred me to a different school. The new school was much different compared to the former one. It was more structured and disciplined. Furthermore, the teachers were highly understanding and supportive. Despite being a new student, I received an overwhelming reception from other students.

My interest in education was once more rejuvenated as I joined third grade in my new school. Because of the problems I had encountered in my former school, I found difficulty in coping up with other students. Memories of my academic prowess when I was in kindergarten made me more determined to reclaim my rightful place in class as the top student. Gradually, I began to excel once again. Occasionally, I became the top student in class and my name would appear on the honor roll. Many people, including my parents and teachers, were amazed by how quickly I had caught up with other students and excelled. Appreciations from school and home made me feel like I had reclaimed my lost glory. Apart from academics, my social life was also revitalized. I joined the football team and participated in other extracurricular activities. My outstanding academic performance continued through junior and senior high school.

High schools are undoubtedly the most memorable experience for most Americans. Sport competitions, academic trips, school ball parties and promenade nights undoubtedly made mine unforgettable. Furthermore, my knowledge and use of technology improved. From fifth grade, computer studies became a compulsory subject for all students. Information technology was infused in all subjects making the learning process more fascinating and effective. Computers, projectors and other assistive technologies made reading and writing much easier and fun. It was during grade that my parents bought me my first laptop. With my passion for writing and the new computer applications we were being taught at school, I was able to write stories of these memorable activities, some of which were occasionally published in the school magazine. Up to now, cutouts of all my stories that were published in the magazine have been kept by my parents. At home, I was always glued on my laptop and reading and downloading articles and journals in the internets, and later writing and uploading my own.

Over the years, from third grade to twelfth grade, I received immense support from my teachers and parents and eventually graduated as the top student in my class. However, the transition from childhood, adolescence to adulthood, greatly influenced my educational progression. As people grow older, physical and psychological changes in their lives, especially during adolescence, might lead to behavioral deterioration. Having gone through the same stages, I faced major challenges that influenced my academic performance, especially my reading and writing skills. I became less interested in reading and writing and more indulged in my social life. Nevertheless, my parents and a dedicated counseling department at school helped me overcome these obstacles. Their advice was that writing was a means through which I could express my life to the world through literature. Without their help, I would have completely lost interest in reading and writing, and deviated from my childhood dream of becoming a professor in English literature.

I decided to pursue literature at the university because of the interest I have had since childhood. Over the years, I have made significant developments in my literacy abilities. I have compared my current achievements to my childhood memories, when I would feel self-contented by reading aloud the alphabetic letter. My reading and writing skills have been improved but not perfected yet. During the period I will be at the university, I expect a more in-depth insight into the field of literature in order to perfect my reading and writing skills. By attending lectures, joining clubs and interacting with fellow students, I will be able to discover the unique aspects of English and apply them in my literature.

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