My Lovely Aunt Sophia

My Lovely Aunt Sophia


My Lovely Aunt Sophia

The subject in this discourse is called Sophia. She is a Caucasian woman with rather attractive features despite being in the middle of her forties. Because of her age, Sophia falls under the category of middle adulthood. Even though she is my aunt, most people that do not know about the familial relations between us tend to perceive her as more of an older sister than a mother or aunt figure. She has long black hair with a few grey highlights specifically at the end of her lengthy locks. In addition to this, she is of medium height and normally averts from the use of makeup in order to accentuate her ‘natural beauty’ as she usually asserts. Despite the youthful appearance that she possesses, Sophia is a mother of two children who are older than I am. Both sons, who are my first cousins, are family men since they are already married even though they are in their late 20s. Interestingly, Sophia has been a widow for over ten years after her husband passed away because of complications arising from cancer in his throat and skin. Regarding the interview, the subject will go through a series of informal questions in the living room of my parents’ house.

Sophia’s Interview

Me:                  As a mother and an aunt, what do you like best about being your age?

Sophia:            Well, as you are aware, I am in my mid-forties, and I will not clarify the specificity of my age beyond that. Nonetheless, what I do like best about this stage in my life involves the fact that I actually feel relaxed and satisfied for the first time. In contrast to the inherent satisfaction I feel at this point, I used to be significantly competitive and ambitious a decade ago. However, as time progressed, I have learnt to appreciate and value what I have hence allowing me to be successful on my own terms.

Me:                  Can you provide me with an example of that?

Sophia:            Sure. Well, as you know, my husband left me over a couple of years ago, hence during the first years of my life without him, I began substituting my loneliness with a workaholic attitude. However, I have since grown past that feeling because I have come to accept the state of happiness that I currently have. Even though I am not close to my sons as I used to be, I am trying to involve myself in their lived and assist them as much as I can.

Me:                  What do you like least about being your age?

Sophia:            At my age, there are certain minor complications that I have been experiencing. However, they are challenging since they are limiting my output or efficiency. For instance, my vision has deteriorated gradually thus forcing me to wear spectacles for the first time. Nowadays, my hearing has become less sensitive. In addition to this, I find myself gaining weight at a steady rate despite a sudden increase in strength.

Me:                  What changes do you foresee in your life in the next five/ten years?

Sophia:            In that amount of time, I believe that I will experience numerous physiological and psychological changes. Foremost, I believe that I will retire within that span of time. I will definitely try harder to memorize things in the short-term and probably my sight will deteriorate even further. I have already begun developed gray hair, which I am convinced will increase in the specified period. I am also aware of my incapability towards giving birth due to the onset of menopause.

Me:                  What do you think are the three most important things in your life at this time?

Sophia:            Presently, the most imperative things in my life involve my family, especially my two sons, my inner satisfaction with the goals I have achieved so far, and lastly, my health.


Some of the responses that the interviewee provided connect significantly to some of the theories highlighted in the text. Foremost, the interviewee said that she was trying to participate in her sons’ lives in order to help them. This attitude is associated with the generativity versus stagnation stage asserted by Erik Erikson (Feldman, 2015). At this stage, individuals normally establish commitments towards other individuals, mentor others, contribute to the consequent generation, and develop relationships with their family (Feldman, 2015). Accordingly, Sophia asserts that “Even though I am not close to my sons as I used to be, I am trying to involve myself in their lived and assist them as much as I can”, which shows that she is interested in developing significant and enduring relationships with her family.


To this end, it is evident that the responses, which are provided by the interviewee, are typical for her stage. Most of the comments that the interviewee stated during the course of interview were characteristics of middle adulthood. For instance, the assertions that she made regarding her inherent satisfaction, her deteriorating sight, and hearing, her desire to mend relationships with her family and the aspect of menopause comprise key qualities of a person in the stage of middle adulthood, which is generally between 40 and 65 years (Feldman, 2015). However, I was surprised to notice that she did not express any desire to change her physical appearance despite the notion of “midlife crisis” being rather popular among persons of her age (Feldman, 2015).


Feldman, R. S. (2015). Discovering the life span. Boston, MA: Pearson.

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