Part 2-Research Based Essay

Part 2-Research Based Essay



Part 2-Research Based Essay


I agree with the author Agencies. They have written a report detailing the sentiments raised by Jim Murphy, who is a shadow minister for the Labour Party. Murphy observed the situation of the migrant workers in Qatar and he recommended that FIFA should take more action to ensure that the workers are treated humanely. The kingdom is depending on the migrant workers to prepare for the world cup in 2022. Murphy noted that this was not a government issue since it concerned the game of football and FIFA should be responsible. FIFA has much influence on matters concerning football since it is the governing body. Therefore, it is in a position to change the situation as it sees fit. The article is written in The Telegraph, which is a national newspaper in the UK. The paper surpasses its rivals as it has the widest distribution. It covers national, regional, and international news on diverse topics including politics, sports, and current affairs among others. It is credible and trusted. The situation of the migrant workers in Qatar is wanting and it should be given great consideration.

            Many people were surprised when Qatar was awarded the opportunity to host the FIFA world cup in 2022. The kingdom was competing against Australia, South Korea, Japan and the US. It was a surprising move and it led to protests in some areas. In Mauritius, several people were arrested when they protested the decision outside the FIFA Congress. They included international trade union representatives and they were demanding for a re-run of the vote that led to the decision. Mr. Murphy pointed out that Qatari’s treatment of the migrant workers was a dreadful and ugly secret of democratic game. His decision to incorporate the issue of democracy shows his position on the award.

Qatar is a kingdom and it is autocratic. Mr. Murphy is the shadow international development secretary for the Labour Party. The Labour Party is a democratic and socialist party. It encourages democracy and diversity. The party emphasizes the importance of social justice and it believes that people should be rewarded when they work hard. Mr. Murphy had these principles when he visited Qatar. He was influenced by his party’s ideologies and principles. The situation of the migration workers in Qatar contrasts with what he believes in. the workers do not get any form of justice when they work in such oppressive conditions. They are not given adequate pay for the hard work they do and neither are they compensated well despite the fact that they have to work in unfavorable conditions.

Migrant Workers

The article highlights the plight of the migrant workers in Qatar. Qatar depends on labour from immigrants because of its low population. The country has a population of less than one million people. The FIFA award to the country to host the world cup in 2022 increased the number of jobs available, and this increased the demand for the workers. The contracted workers are not treated well. They are restricted and denied their freedom since they are not allowed to have their passports. The employers promise contracts they are not able to fulfill when they are recruiting the workers, most of who come from poor third world countries. The migrant workers only realize what is going on when they reach Qatar, as their contracts are torn. They have no option but to remain with their employers until the work is complete. Mr. Murphy noted that the migrant workers are toiling to build the infrastructure, which includes railways, stadiums, and hotels among other facilities, but they are working in poor conditions. The plight of the migrant workers not only affects those working to make the world cup possible, but it includes other workers who went to the country for other reasons. Mr. Murphy highlighted the case of one worker who had become stateless after his employer carried away his passport. He noted that many others face the same predicament.

The migrant workers in Qatar face many challenges. Once they arrive in the country, they realize that they have to work under different conditions from those stipulated in the contracts. Some of them are forced to work in conditions that resemble forced labour since they do so against their will. Those who have debts are held in bondage. Being in debt bondage means that people have to work so that they can repay the expenses that their contractors incurred to find them employment and bring them to the country. They live in unsanitary and crowded camps. Some of them work without contracts. Many workers have to endure the reductions in their salaries while others are unpaid for many months. Workers in Qatar do not have rights and they do not have a way of making their concerns known. They are banned from joining or forming trade unions. This denies them the chance to seek better working conditions and improved pay. It also gives way for their employers to harass, oppress, and mistreat them (FIDH, 2013).

Health and Safety

The conditions in Qatar affect the health and safety of the workers. People are forced to work in extreme weather conditions. There is a risk of the workers dying because of the high temperatures. Summers can be fifty degrees but the workers have to work under these conditions. The protective gear they wear is not suitable for such extreme weather conditions. Workers have died because of working in such weather conditions. The Nepalese embassy in Qatar reported that more than 350 Nepali workers died in 2010 and 2011. The unsanitary conditions in the living spaces pose a great risk on the workers health. They are forced to live in cramped spaces and share rooms. This can cause air borne diseases and cause other negative effects on health. In addition, many workers are forced to work for many hours and this can be detrimental to their health. Some of the workers do not get adequate food and this contributes to the negative health effects. Other than threats to their physical health, the workers also experience psychological problems. Many of them are distressed because of the treatment they receive. The feelings of helplessness they feel to change their situation distresses them further. Many of the migrant workers are forced to endure such treatment because they have to send money to their families back home. They are stressed when they are not able to send the money home because their employers refused to pay them (Amnesty International, 2013).


It is clear that there is a need to change the situation for the migrant workers in Qatar. Many companies do not follow the required international labour laws. They exploit the workers and they mistreat them. The Qatari government needs to take measures to ensure that all the workers are treated well irrespective of their nationality. It should enforce the rules it has established to protect the workers. Workers do not have to live in cramped spaces and unsanitary conditions. The government should ensure that companies are able to provide social amenities for their workers. All workers are entitled to basics such as electricity and air conditioning. The number of migrant workers has increased since the country got the award to host the world cup. Although FIFA cannot change the situation in the entire country, it has enough power to change the situation. It can intervene to ensure that the people working to make the world cup in the kingdom a reality get a fair deal and that they are treated humanely.


Amnesty International (2013). The dark side of migration: Spotlight on Qatar’s construction sector ahead of the world cup. London, UK: Amnesty International Publications

FIDH (2013). FIFA: Make the world cup a fair game for workers. Retrieved from

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