Peer Review Checklist





Peer Review Checklist

Question 1

This essay hardly follows the main principles of the MLA format. To begin with, it lacks a header containing the surname of the writer and page numbers. In addition, the writer of this essay disregarded the stipulated formatting of the first page. This includes the name of the essayist, tutor, course, and date in the top-left corner of the page. This is also evident in the use of a bold title. Likewise, the author of this essay should have set the margins of the paper at one inch on all sides and used headings to organize the discussed ideas as indicated in the MLA format. Although the composition is in the right font of 12, the in-text citations adhere to the APA format as opposed to the MLA style that requires the use of the author’s last name and page of the document used.  

Question 2

The thesis in this dissertation states, “both of the two views of points have similar historical and social background”. This notion is a plot summary and its effectiveness relates to the approach of comparison used with reference to the two facets discussed in the paper. Nonetheless, mentioning the two elements analyzed in the paper would result in a more precise and interesting thesis.  For example, the writer could assert, “the conflicting elements embedded in the civil rights of the white and black races have a similar historical and social background”. 

Question 3

In my opinion, the introduction paragraph is not interesting mainly due to its inefficacy in highlighting the main ideas explained in the essay with the intent of justifying the thesis. For instance, the limited plot summary is not effective in preparing the readers for the thesis and the supporting facts. Accordingly, the author can improve it by including additional features analyzed in the paper. It should review the major points while relating them to the thesis. Moreover, the use of a more detailed title would increase the competence of this paragraph.

Question 4

The explanation paragraphs contain a significant level of development through the examples used as well as the detailed description of some of the major points in both poems. Although these subsections contain well-developed ideas, the initial paragraphs in the evaluation of each poem should focus on analyzing the relevant ideologies in the documents as opposed to scrutinizing the authors.

Question 5

The writer of this paper has used minimal quotations, an aspect that hinders the effective justification of the thesis. Moreover, most of the incorporated extracts lack corresponding in-text citations based on the MLA style. This affects the credibility of the literature review. For this reason, the author should add quotations in subsections addressing the conflicting features of the civil rights for the black and white races. In addition, the paper should contain valid quotes in sections highlighting the similarities in the historical and social backgrounds of the two ideologies in order to substantiate the thesis and the entire research.

Question 6

The paragraphs analyzing My Arkansas are well developed since they relate the elements documented in the poem to the aspects affecting the civil liberties of the black and white races and the similarities of their social and historical frameworks. Conversely, the introduction paragraph is unsatisfactory since it does not offer a comprehensive plot summary that substantiates the thesis.

Question 7

The dissertation contains numerous grammatical mistakes including incorrect punctuations and poorly constructed sentences. For instance, in the first section on the Strange Fruit, the author highlights, “as to his growing background, he was from an immigrant family”. A more accurate phrase would be, “in terms of his family background, he was an immigrant”. 

Question 8

In my opinion, this essay deserves a grade of 30 %. This is because of the numerous grammatical errors and failure to adhere to most of the elements in the MLA format. In addition, some of the ideas lack proper analysis in line with the stated thesis. The introduction and conclusion subsections also lack the attention-grabbing element, a crucial aspect in an effective paper.

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