Personal Statement





Personal Statement

Question One

The major that I intend to study at the University of California is Economics. My interest in Economics started when I joined high school. The high school that I went to placed a lot of pressure on students to make them perform well in their exams and get the chance to go to college. The school mainly placed emphasis on core subject like Chinese, Mathematics and English but my favorite turned out to be business studies. I was drawn to business studies right from the start because I found it to be an intriguing subject that was very practical in the way that it applied in life. This subject encompassed a number of disciplines that related to the business world such as economics, finance and management.

            My interest in this field was enhanced further when I joined a business club that was run by students from the high school. In this club, members hosted forums that discussed different issues. During one of these forums, I came to learn about investment banking and the 2008 global financial crisis. I realized that through investment banking, the global economy and the lives of millions of people in the world could be made or broken. This realization captivated me and I developed a keen interest in the field of economics. I also came to learn that majoring in economics would give me a chance of having highly covetable jobs such as financial analyst, investment banker, economic analyst and trade specialist. From my involvement in my high school’s business club, I came to understand the issues that made economics such an important discipline in the modern world. I gained a lot of understanding in the field that helped me find out what I want to do in my life, become an economist. By being an economist, I could become one of the people making the policies that help to run our world.

Question Two

I consider the contributions that I made to the business club in high school to be quite important in my life. I started out as a normal member of the club but my continued involvement raised my popularity with other club members and I was able to get a chance to become one of the senior members. This meant that I would be involved in the club’s planning and strategizing. After a few months, the club elections came up and I ran for projects manager, a position that I won. As the projects manager, I was involved in the planning and arrangement of all of the events that the club was involved in or hosting. This was my chance to achieve something memorable with the business club and I committed myself to the new role.

            One of the biggest successes that I had as projects manager involved the planning and hosting of an event that was attended by more than a hundred people. This event required preparations that took almost three months. In my role at the club, I was supposed to cater for refreshments for the attendees, find guest speakers for the event and work with the school in preparing for the occasion. What makes me proud about this contribution is that it placed me under a lot of pressure, as I was supposed to deliver results in my studies and for my club. I had to plan my time well and work with many tight deadlines. I feel that through this experience, I have become better at handling situations with a lot of pressure and I am now better at working efficiently even when faced with different challenges.

Question Three

One other thing that I feel is relevant to my application is that I enjoy reading and I have proficient writing skills in English. One thing that I know about college is that reading and writing are both important activities that the student must engage in. Lecturers expect students to go through many course materials that prepare them for the classes ahead. They also expect students to hand in a great deal of written work that they use to test the understanding and critical skills of the students.

            Being able to write well and convey different ideas and arguments can help a student get more from their college experience for different reasons. Firstly, all majors require students to submit a lot of written work for different purposes. Secondly, the written work that a student submits is a major determinant of the things that the student has learned and the skills that they have acquired in college. I feel that my writing skills place me in a unique position to learn many things in university and perhaps even contribute to the knowledge that already exists.

            The fact that I enjoy reading also means that I will be more likely to commit myself to the work that I have and the major that I will be studying. My experience with the business club in high school already gave me a chance to view different articles and works written in the field of economics. This experience will make it easier for me to understand the some of the papers that I will be using in college.

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