Question 1

Magalhaes would be impressed by the desire of Blue and Goldie in favor of their son’s birthday. Magalhaes states that the simple argument on ambiguity and assertions of the intended lie by the parent to the child should be viewed in different aspect to the wrongful state. It is the desire of Blue and Goldie to ensure that their son, Mac has a nice birthday, considering his sensitive nature and the past occurrence of the previous year. They should orchestrate and make him believe that they were responsible for the occurrence of the birthday and subsequent gifts he got on the day. In addition, it would not matter to Magalhaes if they made believe that his cousin and uncle are the true buyers of the gifts on the day. It is the duty of the parent to ensure that they do not hurt Mac at any given cost.

            According to Magalhaes’ view on maximalist parental duties, both Blue and Goldie should b responsible for Mac’s flourishing on the emotional, psychological, and physical aspect. By ensuring that Mac enjoyed his birthday despite the source of the gifts and cakes, they would be responsible for his well-being and importance of  development without having insensitive parents. It would also be satisfying to Mac at the end of it all. The story is not the same as that of Santa Claus. Lying about Santa Claus to a child is deception since the character does not exist. It is a fictional connotation enabled since the child is too young to understand reality. As for Mac’s case, the gifts and cake were all in reality and enjoyed, much to his pleasure, without the necessary pressure of deliberating on the source of them.

Question 2

Robinson’s reaction to Don’s gifts and the dad’s reaction would be of morality within the confines of the intention. It was the right thing to do since he and his son were compassionate enough in order to consider Mac’s birthday. However, they failed to realize that their action was through compassion instead of doing the moral thing of sharing where need was. If Don wanted to give, the gifts on grounds of making him look good or shaming his cousin, it would not have been moral. If his dad had forced him in giving Mac the gift, Robinson’s perspective would be akin to the moral lesson learnt and enabled from the parent’s view. It would signify the realization of the right thing to do when the need for sharing arose. The feeling of empathy for others would have been ingrained in him.

            Robinson would agree with Goldie and Blue on the enabled choice in making Mac believes that the gifts were not handed down from his cousin. Robinson states that the beliefs made under the influence of sophistication as it is enabled through intention and honest desire. Blue and Goldie wanted the best for their son and were compounded. Thus, it could be moral not to inform him on the source from his cousin. Moral development in children as pointed out by Robinson requires the responsibility of parent towards them. They have to ensure it is taught and practiced no matter the circumstance. They have a duty of notifying Mac on the truth regarding the gifts for his moral development especially with honest intentions of him depicting the same.  

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