Police Diversity Week 3

Police Diversity Week 3



Police Diversity Week 3


            Law enforcement agencies continuously face the challenges presented by the trends and probability of recruiting women officers and other minorities in the community. In the summary of the chapter, a historical perspective and profiles of the different states in their strategies and modalities of affirmative actions are detailed together with the relevant statistical evidences. The recruitment of female officers presents a mixed and varied topic of analysis in the law enforcement as it contains both advantages and disadvantages. The report presents a strong argument although it does leave out vital pointers in support. More female officers should be hired in the society for better community policing despite the challenges presented by the disadvantages.


            With the increasing effects of diversity, the report details the necessary steps valid for increase in the number of female officers in the law enforcement agencies. Through demography, it is projected that in the near future, no single racial, ethnic, or gender-based group will be categorized as majority. It is, therefore, important to incorporate the female members in the law enforcement enhancement in the society as they form part of it and are considered better at understanding of the reasons for the occurrence of offences. They also help neutralize the male-dominated field of security as they have composure in sound decision-making process and are slow to react in the face of adversity.

            One of the omitted advantages in the law enforcement report of hiring more female officers is in their nature. Naturally, women are more compassionate, motherly and tend to be more understanding than their male counterparts, who at times are portrayed as stern and short-tempered. In this regard, cases handled by the female officers tend to be balanced on both sides of the defendant and the accuser. In the same way, issues concerning the confidentiality of a witness or information provider to the officers are well entrusted with the females. For example, a young adult would feel secure in handing over information to a mother figure.

            There are disadvantages associated with the hiring of more female officers in the law enforcement agencies. An associated increase in crime rates is observed in areas where the female officers are significantly higher. The society believes that such officers are weak; hence, the offenders might seek opportunities to thrive in such areas. For example, more male offenders might take advantage of their physical strength and mental attitude towards the female officers in charge. Secondly, due to the strain of the requirements of the profession, females are more susceptible to breaking down and suffering more consequences as compared to the male officers. The increase is further supported by the physical demands witnessed with the practices. 


            Affirmative action in the law enforcement agencies is a discussion topic with varied responses in the society. Historically, the ratio of female officers employed in the agencies has been limited including the top-level decision-making organs. Despite the disadvantages of physical strain and requirements within the profession, more female officers should be hired. The diversity and nature of the women is vital for the success of community policing and deterrence of crime in the society. The unique abilities of trust, mother-like figures, and persons are important in fulfilling the obligations of enforcing the law. In addition, with the increase in population and female numbers, it is only sensible to increase the hiring the female officers.

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