Position Classification Standards

Position Classification Standards

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Position Classification Standards

Whole Foods is an American retail brand that features food, specifically organic foods. The company’s goal is to attract and retain health-conscious consumers looking for food without any artificial flavours, colours, sweeteners or fats. According to the Gerhart et al. (2016), job evaluations can help determine an organisation’s value, purpose and mission. Whole Foods’ job structure is designed in a way that helps the company identify its staffing needs to support its mission and strategies. Several techniques can be employed to classify Whole Foods’ positions, including a value-based system, ranking or classification. The retailer applies the point method since it’s a big multinational firm with different job positions. An analysis of the case study provides the job structure presented in the table below.

Job ClassificationTeam MemberBrief Description
Job ADeliThe position requires the employee to have above-average customer service skills for the taking and delivery of orders. The position requires some experience at the front-desk for sales and entails following the supervisor’s instructions to the fullest.
Job BCashierThe cashier takes the role of a customer service executive. The main role is to assist the customers with their payments and the maintenance of internal cash and digital payment systems. Such an employee must have superior communication skills and good customer relations.
Job CTeam Leader (prepared foods)The food manager responsible for making and submitting reports to the store’s team leader. The main role is to observe and maintain the quality and order of foods at a minimal operational cost.
Job DTeam Member (prepared foods)A subtle role where the employee assists the food manager with internal operations. The employee is also responsible for training new recruits on how the jobs are done.
Job ETeam Member (Kitchen)No cooking in this position. A utility-based role meant to ensure hygiene and safety within the store. Mostly revolves around cleaning utensils.
Job FTeam Member (Stock and Display)A middle-level managerial position. Such an employee acts as the store’s supervisor, making sure the shop is up to code, open, organized and fully packaged. Therefore, the employee is responsible for maintaining inventory, including making new orders for replenishment.
Job GAssociate Team Leader (prepared foods)The position is the same as an assistant store manager. The main duties are to select, recruit, hire team members, and regulate internal operations.
Job HRegional Team LeaderA slightly upper management position. Such a leader is responsible for all the Whole Foods stores in his/her region. The leader takes care of store managers and assists them with larger managerial issues at the stores. The leader rotates from one store to the other, ensuring their performance is at par and improving. The main role is to evaluate and improve the performance of each individual store under their jurisdiction.
Job ITeam Member (Stock and Display)The stock worker who ensures supermarket shelves are clean, organized and restocked. The employee helps clients within the supermarket while ensuring their safety.

Table One

According to the case study, there are three levels in Whole Foods’ job structure hierarchy. The first category, management, contains three positions: regional leader, associate prepared and prepared foods. The second category, store staffing, comprises the two team members for stock and display and the cashier. The last category, food preparation, includes the Deli, kitchen team member and the team member for prepared foods. Consult the table below for a simplistic representation of the job structure.

ManagementStore StaffingFood Preparation
Job HJob FJob A
Job CJob IJob D
Job GJob BJob E

Table Two


Gerhart, B., Newman, J. & Milkovich, G. (2016). Compensation. McGraw-Hill Education.

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