Presentation to Amazon on Strategic Change

Presentation to Amazon on Strategic Change

I greet you all hoping that you are fine. I expect that you are well and ready for this very important engagement that would improve the group’s likelihood of excelling and securing a larger market share as a leading online retailer. The interaction will enlighten this group on why making strategic adjustment present a considerable opportunity for the corporation to excel in an environment where rival firms are equally striving to establish a strong position for their brand. Overall, the presentation will encourage senior management to consider new ways to impact the company’s value chain activities.

Leaders serve a crucial role in the workplace, and I believe that everyone in this room agrees with that, isn’t it? They make key strategic decisions and offer support to team members for them to excel. Administrators steer communication in the workplace and, at the same time, serve as learners to know what their followers and consumers want. Thus, dedicating enough attention to refining the company’s leadership so that the team settles on the best possible structure will be instrumental in transforming how the corporation works. A suitable option, in this case, is to try to have a central decision-making body responsible for steering direct actions.

Consequently, the management should review the current state where Bezos and Andy take the Executive Chair and CEO and President positions, respectively. The principal advantage of this move is that the firm will cut on bureaucracy, which sometimes derails key operations. The other merit is that the retailer will cut remuneration costs, which could be invested elsewhere. I believe that the senior management will spare considerable time to contemplate this proposal that can potentially change how the group approaches its activities.

My second point centers on empowering staff members through the effective deployment of HRM concepts. Before expounding further on this area, it is essential to acknowledge that investing enough resources into managing the workforce has numerous merits, encompassing increased opportunity to attract top talent, increased employee retention, reduced complaints, and a better employer-employee relationship. These merits create the urge to consider this area crucial and one that deserves special attention. Hence, Amazon should try and expound on some of the mechanisms it already uses to run its HRM operations. For instance, the retailer can explore other theories of motivation and find out the ones that give the best guidance for motivating and inspiring workers. For example, we know Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory’s power when it comes to heartening employees. The goal-setting theory that the company deploys effectively is a suitable alternative that could help the company continuously engage workers without giving them a reason to feel like quitting. However, exploring other concepts such as Herzberg’s Motivation Hygiene Theory, McGregor’s Participation Theory, and McClelland’s Need Theory is equally effective in determining how to motivate followers. The team in charge of HRM and the company at large should not relent in its effort to empower workers because this presents a better chance to increase performance.

In its bid to succeed, Amazon needs to consider other HRM practices that would improve organizational outcomes. We all concur that HRM is broad, and only paying attention to certain areas while disregarding others may not be the best idea. Another important area that deserves special attention is employee training, which equips staff members with relevant skills to perform their duties more effectively. Employees need to undergo training on areas that pose considerable challenges and make them familiar with emerging concepts. Training is a suitable approach for informing workers how a new technology works, thereby increasing the likelihood of installing the innovation at the workstation and using it to increase productivity. Moreover, continuous performance management helps determine whether the group is headed toward the right trajectory.

My next point addresses the need to understand how the business environment (micro and macro) impacts business activities. The team, in this case, should acquire more information on how to deploy techniques such as SWOT analysis, VRIO analysis, and Porter’s five forces that serve critical functions in determining how the environment influences operations. Knowing how the environment influences company operations offers an opportunity to adjust accordingly.  

In conclusion, I emphasize the need to consider areas that would improve how the company performs in the various operational areas that matter for the company’s survival. We all learn that the group may have to change its leadership structure by working towards having one major decision-making body. Besides, the company should appreciate the roles workers play and embrace measures to improve their performance. The team also increases its chances of excelling in the highly competitive sector by embracing mechanisms that help it understand how internal and external environments determine business activities. I am confident that this talk has impacted every listener and that they will take measures to contemplate them and see how the retailer can benefit from their implementation. Thank you for awarding me an audience, and I wish everyone a good and successful day.

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