Reading Assignments

Reading Assignments



Reading Assignments

1Writing is a process, which consists of preplanning, writing and revising. Many people are vulnerable to writing. This is mainly due to the processes involved before having a finished written document, which is one-ninth of the total mass of writing. The remaining fraction involves preplanning and revising. To reduce the vulnerability in writing one must preplan effectively. This will help him have a free flow of ideas and originality. Preplanning will give the writer an insight that what he is to write is not new to him, giving courage to write. The time one spends in prewriting enables him to sort out his thoughts and put them in the best manner to be understood by the readership. Some scholars referred to preplanning as ‘writing on the hoof’ meaning have thought of what to write at all times as one goes round the daily activities. Therefore, writing is an ongoing process that should never come to a stop. Once the draft is done and complete, the draft should be revised to ensure that any mistake is cleared. These mistakes range from spelling, grammar, choice of words and sentence structures. If these are considered, then vulnerability in writing will reduce tremendously.

2According to Shaw, writing is not a single operation. The process consists of three main parts preplanning, writing and revising. This is the way one presents information using language or tactile form. The flows of ideas in ones mind are put in paper. This happens when one has though of what to write and has already preplanned. This is followed by the actual physical writing. This must take in consideration all the writing rule and procedures. The language must be correct, proper use of vocabulary and proper punctuation. Finally, before printing or presenting the actual document, the writer must consider proofreading the whole document and revising. In addition, the writer must ensure the flow of his ideas.

Human a Social being

3Human is any living body found in the family of the hominid and must be a member of the genus Homo and the species of H. Sapiens. To be human is to be friendly and associate with the others. It is the feeling of wanting to do to others what you would have loved them do to you. For instance a human will not eat the other person instead he will be kind and show care to the other. Humans are considered a social being due to their tendency to live and associate with each other. Humans organize themselves in various social groupings for instance, countries, villages, where they work and their way of life. Many scholars have tried to come up with reasons why humans behave in this manner. Social scientists have discovered that human behavior come from a range of cultural, political, economic and psychological perspectives. However, the social behaviors of humans have evolved from their cultural behavior.

Human behaviors come from the generic inheritance and by the effects of those who dwell close them. Every human is born into a social setting or a cultural setting. The setting includes family, class, language, religion and the human will assimilate and copy the behavior of the social setting he is born. The school, neighborhood and the religious agencies around the child will have a very important part in his behavior. Different social settings have different practices and way of life, which influences the child’s behavior as he grows up.

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