Review for the 11th Hour





Review for the 11th Hour

Al Gore’s “Our Purpose” was a call to arms for people across the world regarding the significance of environmental activism. Interestingly, the arguments that Al Gore asserts in the respective speech regarding concerns such as environmental sustainability and the level of carbon footprint are further explored in the documentary, The 11th Hour. Accordingly, the documentary provides a rather critical commentary on the current state of Earth in respect to the amount of depletion that its natural resources as an outcome of man’s activities. In likening both sources to Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave”, it is possible to assert that the information provided in the respective contexts represents the sun, which is seen as the epitome of truth. The cave represents the misunderstanding regarding issues such as climate change and global warming that trap people. Additionally, the shadows signify that most people are simply viewing a shadow or reflection of the truth without experiencing it fully. The escape signifies the people’s exposure to actual truth and knowledge regarding the environment.

The good people that are “outside the cave” represent the few individuals that possess actual truth and knowledge regarding the issues that affect the current natural environment. In the documentary, information regarding the depletion of Earth’s natural resources and the extent of environmental destruction across the globe is provided by a group of personalities such as celebrities, modern philosophers, and scientists. The knowledge that they convey, which is also supported by empirical evidence, suggests that they are providing facts to the wider audience who actually do not possess significant knowledge regarding the issues at hand. In addition to this, the filmmakers responsible for the development of the documentary have a single purpose in mind, which involves educating the masses about the current environmental devastation that the Earth is facing as an outcome of strenuous human activity. On the other end, the “cave-dwellers” signify majority of the members of society, who are consistently bombarded by shadows of truth, which further limit their knowledge and seriousness concerning the Earth’s environmental devastation.

The argument that the filmmakers are asserting in the documentary is actually agreeable. The experts that assume an informative part in the film offer a considerable amount of information related specifically to environmental perspectives. In an effort to necessitate the importance of environmental safeguarding and protection, the film asserts that every individual must exhibit involvement in efforts such as activism and conservation in order to reverse the problems that plague the planet’s environment which involve destruction as well as climate change. It is also agreeable that human beings are responsible for the devastation of environmental surroundings. Based on information from a range of expert fields such as oceanography, environmental science, and economic history, the filmmakers show that the environment has undergone significant destruction due to implications that arise from human-based activities. Adding on to this, the documentary shows that human beings readily contribute to the destruction of the Earth’s surroundings due to effects that arise from the process of industrialization, which has actually led to the drastic devastation of biodiversity, specifically animal and plant species.

The relationship between philosophy and real life is best exemplified by the extent to which the correlation between critical reasoning and action is actually imposing. In relation to the discourse, the relationship between the reasoning evident in Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave” and the occurrence of environmental crises as an outcome of human-based actions exemplifies this association. Accordingly, the reasoning in the respective philosophical lesson illustrates the level to which ignorance assumes a considerable role in the prevalence of environmental predicaments. In addition to this, this degree of ignorance is perpetrated by parties, especially corporate entities, which are focused on providing limited information regarding the actual state of the world’s environs in order to gain profitably by aggressively promoting activities such as consumerism, which are actually responsible for part of the problems that the environment is facing. Because of the insufficiency of information, most people “turn a blind eye” to the plight of the environment by actively engaging in consumerist activities further causing a consequential reaction that ends with consistent environmental degradation.

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