Our Bodies, Our Souls by Naomi Wolf articulates her experience, thought, and perspective on matters regarding abortion, rights, curtailed freedom by the government, and withheld by societal standard. She states that she had an abortion when she was a single mother and had a two-year daughter. In retrospect to the same under given circumstances she would do the exact thing nonetheless. She personifies herself as Clare and relies on the expertise of her profession as a cardiologist (Wolf 1). She critics the superstition and ridden culture within Americans under the issue regarding pro-life and choice of the individual. She stands for the depicted defense of feminism under the rule of being faithful to the truth while realizing the political and ethical detriment of moral frame when dealing with abortion. She is of the idea that the meaning of fetus has been disdained and wrongfully demanded under Americans’ say due to the political rhetoric. Naomi is vocal on the double standards labeled on women careless enough not to consider contraception and exception towards the men. She includes the differential circumstances involved ion the thought process such as poverty, forced measures by the male counterparts and the demands involved at the time.

            She questions on the protection of abortion as a legal right with required condemnation of moral iniquity. It is in relation to good and evil that she bases on pro-life movements. She stands for contextualizing of abortion within moral framework and agreement towards the culpability, responsibility, and judgment involved when termination of pregnancy is in question. She advocates for understanding of feminism as upholding of women, similar to men, through their responsibilities without separating their rights and added understanding that America’s abortion rates as failure. She then points out the dehumanization of women who are pregnant and the humanized fetus with portrayal as being a vessel (Wolf 1). She concludes by giving her personalized view of the ideal situation in regards to the rights of the woman, abortion requirements and respects for the fetus, both living and dead. All the above is in her ideal situation of the expectations in society. A Muslim View on Respecting Life by Suzy Ismail takes religious connotation in respecting of life and convenience as a gift to remembrance of the goodness of God. Suzy delivers the message on respecting, valuing of life given to us, and protecting it as God’s own from her personal account of losing her first child even before birth and the second stillbirth circumstances.      


The issues regarding abortion, pro-life movement and rights to the women are complicated in nature due to the circumstances that surround the individual when acquiring the status. For example, a family that is too poor to afford contraceptive should not be categorized under the same measures to those living in high-end status. Further still, the request fro abortion of the two families cannot be equated due to the reason. As such, society should not be quick to condemn the poor-backgrounder woman a being insensitive without protecting her right. I concur with Naomi Wolf on the high rates witnessed in abortion throughout America as being a failure. There should be determined valuation on the fetus’ life and its protection, but without compromise on the health and status of its mother. Suzy Ismail’s personal experience is important in the need for respecting life and God-given gift. It should be used as a moral lesson to all feminists.


What is the value of protecting pro-life rights to the pregnant women while accepting the abortion requirements of all circumstances?

Work Cited:

Wolf, Naomi. “Naomi Wolf on Abortion: Our Bodies, Our Souls.” NewStatesman, 27 January, 2013. Print.

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