Siskiyou Wine





Siskiyou Wine

            Siskiyou wine regions are located within California including Napa Valley, Sonoma Valley, Marin County, and Santa Cruz, to mention but a few. The climate of the area is mild in nature, with the winters being typical cool and wet. The summers are characterized by being warm and dry (Neirynck 14). The heat temperatures reach up to ninety degrees Fahrenheit within five days of an annual period. Majority of the rainfall is experienced in autumn winter while the coldest periods are early spring. The marine influences are symbolic with the definitive growth of the grapes as the temperate climate becomes positive. The soils in the area are volcanic and sedimentary. They are overlaid with gravel, silt, boulders, and rock. The common types of volcanic soil are red, found above three hundred feet deep. The topography is hilly, occasioned by the characterized series of level-like landscapes and river tributaries along the region.

            The historical denotation of the area can be traced back to early nineteenth century, with the oldest vineyards in the country. According to Variano (11), the earliest of the vines are believed to have been planted in the year 1769. The area has had a historical background of the earliest planting and establishment base of the vineyards. The rediscoveries of the region were made in the later stages of the nineteenth century as the factor necessary for the growth and development of the grapes were identified better in the region. Consequently, several establishments were made after the discovery for effectual compositions. The grape and wine styles of the region range from cabernet sauvignon, chardonnay, merlot, pinot noir, sauvignon Blanc, and zinfandel. They are crisp and varied in their ensembles, ranging from cherry and plum, into the spice aging denotation and functionality.

            The personality traits of the various grapes established in the region have variety sugar levels and subsequent yield in alcohol content. For example, the struggle with sugar levels accounts for between twelve to twelve point five percentages for the alcohol. They exhibit the stony mineral character in their tastes and aroma presentation with decreased levels of the acidity. The thickness of the berries is usually light on the testa cover and cluster size is identified. The skin to juice ration is offered in terms of the two-third majority to the latter, while the juice colors are deep red and monolithic. The aggregation of climatic conditions during the ripening stage, soil cover, and acidity levels increase the average maturity and sweetness of the grapes in the vineyards.

            The Scott Valley Organic Orchard and Winery are located within the Siskiyou regions. The profile is typified by the production of variety apple wines and berry (Siskiyou 1). They include production lines of fine root beer, with the alcohol percentages ranging between twelve and fifteen. The average bottle price in the region goes for twelve hundred dollars. The Neveu vineyards are classified according to their grape varietals. The production techniques range from ornamental brewing to fine roasting. They are marked by fine rooting of the beer and alcohol percentages are between eleven and thirteen respectively. The average price per bottle is close to nine hundred dollars. The Shasta View vineyards are characterized by the nurturing technique and cultivation of the grapes. Fermentation and oaks are unique to the production techniques. The limited editions have alcohol percentages between twelve and twelve point five. The average price per bottle is a thousand dollars.

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