Statement of Individual Rights

Statement of Individual Rights




Statement of Individual Rights

Part One

            A statement of individual rights is a legal document that details the civil liberties of individuals in a nation. This statement ensures that no inhabitant suffers from any form of discrimination in his or her existence. Moreover, people who perpetrate segregation deeds as indicated in this legal framework bear the wrath of the law through relevant punishments. Subsequently, the general populace is able to protect themselves from unfair treatment by comprehending the individual rights documented in this legal statement. The statement of individual rights is part of the constitution governing the proceedings in every nation. Owing to the differences in the legal provisions documented in the constitution of various countries, the statement of individual rights is unique in every state (Dworkin, 2006). Moreover, it is important for the government to analyze various influential factors before adopting a particular statement of individual rights. Some of the significant determinants of these legal provisions include religious, social, and cultural aspects of a country.

            The concepts of natural law and legal positivism are two elements that aid in the adoption of an effective statement of individual rights. Legal positivism comprises of various theories, which propose that the validity of a policy depends on the social essentials shaping a particular community. This ideology contains a separate and social thesis as the main hypotheses involved in the formulation of the statement of individual rights (Dworkin, 2006). While the separate supposition believes that an effective nationalized policy ought to be independent of the moral principles of the society, the social thesis indicates that societal elements define the reliability of a country’s laws. In contrast, the concept of natural law differs with legal positivism. This theory argues that the laws governing a country are independent of any form of social influence (Dworkin, 2006).

            These ideologies are essential in the adoption of an efficient statement of individual rights in Tagg Island. Various historic events have shaped the social aspect of Tagg Island. For instance, the initial inhabitants of this land mass were squatters who earned a living by weaving baskets from osiers and willow rods (Dworkin, 2006). However, the new proprietor of this investment was not comfortable with the existence of these peasants in the region. The main intention of purchasing this natural resource was to establish contemporary facilities that catered for the social needs of affluent individuals from various geological zones of the globe. Consequently, Kent used his power to evict these squatters from Tagg Island. To survive in this land mass, one had to have massive fiscal capability. For this reason, the present administration of Tagg Island seeks to suppress any form of social discrimination in order to avoid occurrences similar to those in the ancient years.

            The main economic activities in Tagg Island are influential in formulating the country’s statement of individual rights. For example, fishing and farming are major economic practices conducted by the inhabitants of this land mass (Jhering, 1999). The large water body surrounding the island facilitates these actions, an element that has enhanced the quality of life in the region. Despite these feasible business opportunities, the island compromises of a relatively small population. The presence of oil as a major natural resource in the region is also an economic factor that deserves consideration during the adoption of a statement of individual rights (Jhering, 1999). The oil company in the region has attracted employees from various ethnic and cultural backgrounds. For this reason, the statement of individual rights governing this nation ought to discourage any form of discrimination in the society. Foreigners and natives dwelling in this island should experience societal fairness as stipulated in this official document. For instance, a foreigner guilty of committing a certain crime should experience a similar punishment to a local charged with the same offense.  

Part Two

Tagg Island has formulated its independent statement of individual rights. This legal document stipulates certain civil liberties that every inhabitant should benefit from regardless of one’s ethnic background, socioeconomic status, religious conviction, or political affiliation. Some of the specified individual rights in this official manuscript include:

  • Every person has the right to own property.

Material possessions are essential in the life of every human being regardless of social differences such as race, religion, or financial capability. This legal stipulation seeks to offer an equal platform upon which foreigners and natives in the island can possess and protect their properties. Individuals from other regions of the globe have settled on the island with the aim of benefiting from the operations of the oil company. Consequently, this individual right intends to protect the nationals from harassment by the foreigners. Additionally, it offers the outsiders an equal opportunity to own property in the region (Hatts, 2010). This suppresses the criteria of eligibility as utilized in certain zones of the globe.

Not only will this legal provision promote civil liberties in the island but it will also enhance the national economy. It encourages foreign investors to establish various enterprises in the island. The lack of a security danger with reference to property possession will enhance creativity and diversity in the nation. This is because of the various cultural, economic, and social aspects introduced into the nation by the outsiders. Similar to other countries that have welcomed an assortment of business and social cultures, Tagg Island will experience physical, cultural and economic expansion through the promotion of this individual right in its proceedings(Hatts, 2010).

  • Every person should get equal wages for the same quantity of official task undertaken.

This stipulation is useful in protecting the wellbeing of the labor force in a commercial organization. To promote justice in these business enterprises, it is vital to generate and execute measures that standardize the amount of wages offered to workers upon performing particular tasks. The centralized administration of Tagg Island should specify the minimum salaries for employees in certain professions. This will aid every individual to live comfortably by acquiring basic needs such as food, shelter, clothing, healthcare, and education. This civil liberty is essential especially with the establishment of the oil company in this land mass. Containment of employee exploitation in the nation will be helpful in reducing poverty levels as well as developing the national economy (Hatts, 2010).

This legal provision will also ensure that the proprietors of a commercial organization consider the profitability of the enterprise before its establishment. Additionally, the policy formulators should detail laws governing payments of duties executed after the official working hours. These policies should also be suitable in promoting a standard working environment in these corporations. Such laws will also aid in discouraging nepotism, racial discrimination, and other forms of societal bigotry. Employees from various geological zones of the world will acquire equal salaries and benefit packages upon performing similar tasks in a commercial institution (Hatts, 2010). This equality will also attract more foreigners, an element helpful in advancing diversity in the island.

  • No person should undergo inhumane treatment in the promotion of justice.

            This civil liberty seeks to oversee the operations in various nationalized justice departments such as police agencies and law courts. In some countries, police personnel use cruel tactics to punish individuals suspected of committing certain offenses.  Currently, the elders are responsible for sentencing criminals in Tagg Island. However, with the transformation of the justice system in the nation, the government of Tagg Island should establish bureaus tasked with law enforcement (Hatts, 2010). Such institutions as police departments and law courts will promote justice in the country.   

            Documentation of this constitutional right will ensure that every suspected law-offender undergoes a fair trail by a regional or national law court. Consequently, the policy will enable the prosecution of any suspected criminal regardless of their political influence, racial sub category, or socioeconomic status. Likewise, culprits will face the consequences of their actions while still enjoying their basic constitutional rights (Hatts, 2010). As a way of respecting humanity, the law enforcers should not punish the wrongdoers in an inhumane manner. For this reason, this civil right will establish the country on moral principles.  

  • Every person suspected of committing a certain offense is worthy of a free and fair trial by elders or an autonomous justice committee.

            This policy related to the individual rights of inhabitants in Tagg Island will ensure that innocent people suspected of breaching the law present evidence that demonstrates their ingenuousness. This will increase the confidence of the general population in the justice system of the country. Subsequently, they will seek assistance from law courts and other policy enforcers as opposed to adopting illegal methods to address various atrocities. Furthermore, prisons and other correction facilities will not consist of a large portion of innocent people owing to the lack of a just platform for suspected wrongdoers to defend themselves (Hatts, 2010).   

Based on this civil right, the council of elders in Tagg Island should comprehend the essence of upholding this policy in making appropriate decisions. These national law implementers should evaluate the Constitution in order to understand all stipulations affecting their verdicts. The police and general population should also be aware of the legal specifications regarding this civil right in order to enhance the proceedings of a tribunal (Hatts, 2010). The council of elders will have crucial information useful in generating a fair verdict with reference to the plaintiff and defendant.

  • All individuals have the liberty of worship and nonviolent assemblage.

            The inhabitants of Tagg Island should not experience any restrictions regarding their religious devotion. Since the oil company will attract individuals from different religious, cultural, and ethnic sub categories, the government should generate policies that disregard religious favoritism in the community (Hatts, 2010). However, this freedom should not have a negative effect on the rights of other people. For instance, the Constitution should put off religious denominations that prohibit some individuals from possessing property in certain areas of the nation.   

            To implement this policy effectively, the council of elders should analyze and comprehend various stipulations in the Constitution with reference to this civil liberty. This will ensure that their decisions do not exemplify any form of religious discrimination (Hatts, 2010). It is important for the government of Tagg Island to create a favorable environment for all inhabitants of this land mass to conduct their spiritual affairs.


Dworkin, R. (2006). Law’s empire. Cambridge, Mass: Belknap Press.

Hatts, L. (2010). The Thames Path: [from the sea to the source]. Milnthorpe, Cumbria: Cicerone Press.

Jhering, R. (1999). Law as a means to an end. Union, N.J: Lawbrook Exchange.

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