The experience that people bear with retail or service environments commence from the moment they enter a building. Based on the description of these surroundings, it is apparent that retail and service environments comprise various settlements such as banks, convenience stores, specialty shops, clubs and bars, kiosks and shopping malls. Nonetheless, such surroundings are not limited to these particular derivatives. In respect to this, it is apparent that retail and service environments possess certain aspects, which have an effect on the respective industry. These aspects comprise association, image and setting, shoppers and consumers, personal experience, service delivery, design concerns, retail spaces, shopping malls and safety and security.


An association implies the relationship between a denotation and a stimulus. In numerous ways, color acts as a relative trait between a setting or item and the disparate feelings evoked in various persons. Accordingly, color is significant in influencing different moods among people based on the effect it has on the psychology of a person (Kopec 298). Additionally, color usually sets the mood of a space based on the strength it has with association. This explains the manner in which retail spaces attempt to use colors carefully in order to elicit positive responses among prospective and existing customers. In addition, the use of color allows stores to create a brand identity, which enable the customers to associate themselves with them.

Image and Setting

The image of a store possesses a superficial and a psychological influence on the customer. This is in accordance to the environmental cues, which possess an overall effect on the ambience. Consequently, these cues, as part of atmospherics, comprise the transfer of human information arising from the human senses, specifically, touch, smell, sight, taste and hearing (Kopec 300). Accordingly, the manner in which a store appeals to the five senses determines whether a respective customer will be able to continue staying within its respective environment. Accordingly, a store’s setting also possesses an effect on external stimuli. The type of design imposed on the setting as well as other external features possesses a considerable impact on the customer’s behavior process.

Shoppers and Consumers

The setting’s external attributes have the ability to influence shoppers and consumers to continue purchasing from the respective store. This is possible if the store’s features exude compatibility with the people’s private beliefs and mores. In addition, people conduct shopping as a recreational or utilitarian activity. Based on this, the compatibility of the setting’s traits with their values may stimulate their behavior processes by arousing their interests, needs or inquisitiveness (Kopec 302). Following this, stores should focus on integrating entertainment and convenience for recreational and utilitarian shoppers in order to offer an appealing and spacious milieu for both.  

Personal Experience

The shopping experience is pleasurable if the respective shopper gains fundamental gratification, freedom and involvement. Based on this, it is imperative for stores to make the shopping experience for shoppers, whether recreational or utilitarian, enjoyable (Kopec 303). This is because the level of satisfaction among each possesses an impact on the purchasing behaviors of other shoppers due to implicit cues left by former consumers.

Service Delivery

The manner in which a store delivers a service possesses a significant desire on a consumer’s purchasing behavior. Accordingly, store designs provoke positive shopping mannerisms based on the integration between the respective business and the respective servicescape. In addition, the manner in which products undergo display, the use of technology and the convenience of the location exude positive stimuli among consumers (Kopec 306). In addition to the delivery of service, the utilization of paraphernalia that augment visual, audio and sensory stimuli among customers also encourage positive purchasing behaviors among customers.

Design Concerns

The outer surface of the servicescape, which usually comprises the building portico, entrance and exit mechanisms, window displays as well as parking space act as branding. Therefore, the manner of a setting’s design possesses a considerable influence on a consumer (Kopec 308). Based on this, it is imperative for the designer to focus on creating designs that exude a sense of order by enhancing the servicescape exterior’s aspects in order to appeal to customers.

Retail Spaces

The integration of specific environmental features in retail spaces possesses a considerable influence on a customer’s perception. Accordingly, these features enable one to understand and relate with or retort to the respective environments. Based on this, such features form an enduring impression on customers even after they have left the space (Kopec 314). The influence that environmental features pose on customers has enabled retail designers to incorporate aspects, which have a positive perception on them in order to augment their sales.

Shopping Malls

Shopping malls provide consumers with a wide and extensive array of products and services to choose from and purchase. This provides a threat to retailers since malls have the capability of appealing to larger populations. Accordingly, the aspects employed in malls enable them to offer a positive experience for customers. Apart from the large range of products, malls also offer safety and security (Kopec 315). They also satisfy consumer demands and provide an ample socializing ground for youngsters. Nonetheless, the incorporation of excess signage as a way finding technique has a negative impact on consumers (Kopec 316). Based on this, it is imperative for mall designers to create simple and distinct approaches in order to reduce confusion among consumers.

Safety and Security

It is imperative to ensure protection for consumers in retail and service surroundings. Accordingly, designers should incorporate security systems that ensure protection as well as guarantee that the customers are not susceptible to safety risks (Kopec 316). In addition to this, designers should focus on creating innovative strategies that endorse comfort and safety among customers.

In conclusion, it is apparent that the retail and service environments integrate certain aspects that impose a psychological impact on the consumer. Based on this, it is apparent that designers focus on the external and internal features of a store. This ensures that there is considerable implementation of facets that exude positive stimuli among potential and existing customers.

Work Cited

Kopec, David A. Environmental Psychology for Design. New York: Fairchild Books, 2012. Print.

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