The Great Silence





The Great Silence

The use of snow in the 1968 film The Great Silence makes it distinct among western movies, and it signifies that the movie will differ significantly from others in the genre. The director, Sergio Corbucci, chose a snow setting for the movie. This is a clear deviation from western or spaghetti western movies, which are often set in the desert or on the plains. The director use of the snow is symbolic. It signifies that the movie will be different in a major way. The snow acts as a warning for the viewers and it prepares them for what is to follow. Other than the setting, Corbucci deviates from the norm in the characters used, their roles and characteristics, as well as the content and the movie’s plot. This deviation sets the movie apart from other westerners. The presence of the cold snow prepares the viewers for what is to come, as it foreshadows the dark subject matter contained in the movie.

The main character and hero in the movie is Silent, who is a mute gunfighter. He does not have any speaking parts in the movie, and he communicates by his facial expressions. He does not get the chance to save the townspeople or to avenge his parents’ deaths. In many westerners, the hero is often a law-abiding citizen that will often depend on his skills and expertise to execute his plans. He often works in collaboration with the state authorities to ensure that the criminals are brought to justice. This is not the case in the movie as the direction it takes makes it impossible for the hero to act in accordance with the law. The authorities are corrupt and the local banker has hired the bounty hunters.

The people do not have someone who can defend them from the unjust laws. Silence finds himself acting against the law, and this increases the challenges he faces in the movie. In addition, Silence uses the same torture techniques as the bounty hunters. He shoots off the thumbs of his opponents and this incapacitates them, and it guarantees that they will not be able to shoot again. The lead character in the movie is black and she has much control in determining her choices. This is a first in the westerners, most of which use white female roles. The female leads often do what the men require them to. However, in this movie, the female lead has a lot of control and power in determining what she wants to do. She refuses sexual advances from one character, while she pursues another. Pauline refuses advances from the banker, but she seduces Silence.

In western films, the outlaws are often criminals who have to hide themselves from the state. Those who look for them are usually some of the good role models in the society who want to see an end to crime. However, the movie moves away from the script. The outlaws in this case are forced into hiding due to the circumstances in the town. They are good townspeople, who are only looking for ways to survive. The bounty hunters on the other hand are hired criminals. Silence is the only person who can save the outlaws. However, following the rebellious nature of the movie, the good people and the heroes end up dead while the evil bounty hunters survive.

The snow used in the movie is deliberate. The director shows that the movie will differ greatly form other movies in the same genre. He does this by choosing a list of diverse characters who take on different roles than is the norm. The movie is also different in terms of the content and expectations. It does not end like a typical western, where the hero ends up saving the day. Instead, the good characters are killed while the bad ones survive. This unexpected ending is icy cold, and it is signified by the snow setting used in the movie. .

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