The History of 3D Film





The History of 3D Film

            Ever since I was a child, I have always had a deep interest in movies. Films have always been able to grab my interest and attention in a way that no other form of media could. I still remember one of the first movies that I ever watched, The Lion King. The Lion King was a production of Walt Disney Pictures and it is considered one of the best-animated movies ever released. As I grew up, my interest in movies grew steadily, bolstered on by my mother’s own interest in the media. My mother took me to the cinema for the first time in my life and since then I have grown to become a big fan of western films.

            In recent years, my choice of movies has changed gradually as I become more exposed to the world. My criteria of choosing films are now more rigid, as I begin to realize that not all films are worth watching (Kaiser 1). The film industry has been changing steadily over the years. The development of technology means that the equipment needed to create films is now easy to acquire and affordable for many people. As a result, the number of movies released every year is increasing. The film industry is now markedly different (Murty 2). There is an ongoing shift in viewership as people increasingly choose to watch their movies from home as opposed to a theater. Additionally, the internet has created a host of new options for moviemakers. Amateur filmmakers can use it to distribute their films while large companies are able to increase their sales using the medium (How the Internet Has Changed Movies: Infamous Ubiquity 1).

            The purpose of this research is to uncover the history of 3D films. The changes that the movie industry is experiencing are forcing filmmakers to look for new ways to engage their audience. One of the things that the industry is using to try to transform itself is 3D technology. My paper will look at the history of 3D films and show that the technology will not be able to transform the movie industry. The first part of the paper will focus on the history of 3D films. The first section will look at how the 3D technology was first created and the different improvements that researchers have made on the technology since then. After looking at the technology, the research will then turn to the 3D films themselves. I will present information showing when the first 3D movies were made and the different ways that filmmakers have improved the movies over the years. The second section will also delve into the reception that viewers have given some of the large 3D movie releases over the years.

            The next part of the paper will present my arguments on 3D films and the future of the movie industry. The first step will be to review some of the major problems that the industry is currently facing as put forward by specialists from Hollywood. Producers Steven Spielberg and George Lucas recently addressed some of these issues in University of Southern California during the opening of the school’s Interactive Media Building (Bond 1). The next step will be to analyze the 3D film sector and see whether it can actually remedy the problems that Hollywood is facing. This analysis of the 3D sector will look at some of the views of famous film critics such as the late Roger Ebert (Ebert 2). This last section will also feature views from critics who feel that the 3D technology is the future of the film industry such as filmmaker James Cameron (James Cameron: All entertainment ‘inevitably’ 3D 2). Using this analysis, the paper will be able to show that 3D films and technology may not be the remedy for Hollywood’s woes. 

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