The Need for Women in Policing

The Need for Women in Policing




The Need for Women in Policing

Price, B. R. (1996). Female Police Officers in the United States (From Policing in Central and Eastern Europe: Comparing Firsthand Knowledge With Experience From the West, P 635-640, 1996, Milan Pagon, ed. — See NCJ-170291). Slovenia.

In this documentation, Barbara Price compares the stipulated laws governing the American police departments and the practicability of these policies in the modern operations of these centralized agencies. Throughout the passage, she uses statistical data and theoretical discussions presented by other writers. These factual arguments make the book a useful information source in analyzing the need for women in national and regional policing. To start with, she asserts that discrimination of women and marginalized racial groups is still evident in various police departments despite the increased enrollment of these sub categories in the recent past. The harsh treatment from colleagues and minimal appreciation from the administration dispirits female police officers in terms of personal performance improvement as well as discouraging other women from considering this profession. Price’s documentation of first-hand information obtained from female police personnel in various departments is essential in supporting various related arguments. For example, she highlights that most black women join the centralized security forces for financial gains while a significant portion of their white colleagues enroll because of persuasion from close friends and family members. As indicated in her text, a greater part of the black interviewees asserts that there is prejudice in police subdivisions. The dominant form of discrimination involves gender and racial biasness. For instance, male supremacy in these institutions acts as a barrier to profession advancement for these females. Similar to other references discussed in this paper, Price insists on the need for amendments in legal and social frameworks incorporated in the American society. In addition to introduction of policies that will discourage gender or racial discrimination in such organizations, the author recommends behavioral transformations among the general populace.  

Thomas, D. J. (2011). Police psychology: A new specialty and new challenges for men and women in blue. Santa Barbara, Calif: Praeger.

The author of this text analyses the risks faced by men and women in the national security agencies. At the beginning of the document, he provides facts regarding the rate of crime in the United States. He analyzes the occupational description for a general police officer by using statistical data to illustrate the number of assassinations, rapes, and burglaries that these personnel deal with on a daily basis. By providing accurate figures from the American Justice Department, Thomas indicates that more than fifty police officers loss their lives while conducting their professional duties. Moreover, psychological instability may occur following such torturous occurrences. These men and women struggle to maintain a healthy mind, years after dealing with such crimes that involve risking their lives for the sake of the public’s safety. However, the author also praises police officers for using their psychological competence to deal with such offenses. For a long period, these security personnel use their skills to interrogate crime suspects, detainee negotiations, and evaluation of risky incidences. The discussions in this book offer crucial details that aid the targeted audience to comprehend the psychological aspect of policing. Mental principles are important elements that help security personnel in accomplishing their official duties effectively. However, psychosomatic problems may occur while performing these tasks. For this reason, this text is useful in analyzing the need for women in policing. This is because the challenges facing these females are a key element of the discussion. Facts presented in this text may help the administration of these police subdivisions to modify the working environment in order to enhance the performance of personnel from all genders and races.

Etzkowitz, H., Kemelgor, C., & Uzzi, B. (2000). Athena unbound: The advancement of women in science and technology. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

In this book, Henry, Carol, and Brian discuss the developments achieved by women of the modern world in various scientific and technological fields. To begin with, they acknowledge that a lager percentage of females have been successful in several inventions as well as managing well-established corporations in a proper manner. According to their arguments, this is because of the advancement of technical ethos with reference to universalism and enclosure of all minority subgroups. However, they later shift their discussion to the existing gender inequalities in these professional fields. As indicated in this book, the society is yet to provide females with a suitable and equal platform upon which they can compete with their male colleagues for job-related opportunities. The information documented by these authors emerges from widespread consultations and quantitative investigations. Consequently, their efforts have been effective in describing the hindrances facing women in their working environments. These barriers include traditional regulations and skillfully integrated forms of discrimination. The writers illustrate how such harsh working conditions affect the professional and private lives of the affected women. Similar to the subject matter highlighted in Female Police Officers in the United States, a book discussed in this bibliography, the facts presented in this passage are essential in understanding the struggle faced by women in police departments in addition to formulating practical and lasting solutions to the problem. This book is relevant to all female police officers as well as social scientists who analyze such issues. Owing to its extensive discussions, it is relevant to a comprehensive audience in terms of gender, profession, and societal opinions. For this reason, Athena Unbound is a comprehensive passage suitable for discussing the plight of women in American security agencies.

Martin, S. E., & Jurik, N. C. (2007). Doing justice, doing gender: Women in legal and criminal justice occupations. Thousand Oaks, Calif: Sage Publications.

Two women are responsible for the compilation of the main arguments in this text. They are conversant with the American justice sub sector, an element that has aided them to document a detailed passage. For example, Susan has worked in the government for a long period in addition to conducting several researches focusing on women presented as police workers, drug addicts, or victims of crime. Likewise, Nancy is a renowned sociologist with most of her works focusing on the changes in the workplace and the plight of women in different professions. In this book, these females describe the experiences of women working in justice-related vocations. They incorporate a sociological element in their opinions regarding the role of women in a male-dominated professional field. A large portion of the text puts an emphasis on the historical predicaments of women police officers, lawyers, arbitrators, and other personnel in related departments. Additionally, there is the facet of legal changes that have occurred in the recent past as well as the problems that such females have to endure in order to develop their careers. This feminist piece provides a summary of the gender discrimination prevalent in the American justice departments. The quantitative analysis supporting the personal opinions presented in this book makes it a relevant source in the evaluation of the daily experiences faced by females in the police sub divisions of the United States. Similar to other references discussed in this annotated bibliography, the book contains substantial information that is helpful in arguing the main subject matter highlighted in this paper. Its comprehensive arguments make it suitable for use by individuals from all gender divisions, ethnic backgrounds, and vocational categories.

Wells, S., & Alt, B. S. (2005). Police women: Life with the badge. Westport, Conn: Praeger.

This manuscript is comparable to other texts analyzed in this paper since it bases its arguments on feminism principles. The main ideology portrayed by these authors is that women normally double the efforts of their male colleagues in all occupational fields yet the administration and society hardly recognize them for the increased productivity. The focus of this text is the security agencies in the United States. At the beginning, they assert that women have been in the police departments as neglected personnel for many years. Moreover, minimal changes have defined the field with policies such as the Equal Enforcement Act of 1970 exhibiting insignificant effectiveness in terms of improving the working conditions in these departments. In later sections of the book, Wells and Alt present factual statistics that indicate gender discrimination in this division of the American justice sub sector. For instance, according to the discussion, less than one percent of police officers in the management sectors are women. This worrying trend is due to the existing barriers pioneered by the society, male coworkers, and the administration. These obstacles are in the form of sexual harassment, lack of motivation from the executive, and disparity in the manner of employee handling. Additionally, they proceed to societal problems faced by women in the family context. Nonetheless, as a way of identifying a positive element in the setting, Wells and Alt illustrate how women police officers are effective in implementing community-based policing as well as enhancing relationships between the police and general population. The detailed information provided in this text is vital in expounding on the problems faced by female police officers in the modern integrity subdivision of the United States.

Schulz, D. M. (2004). Breaking the brass ceiling: Women police chiefs and their paths to the top. Westport, Conn: Praeger Publishers.

Dorothy uses factual data and personal opinions to describe this text. The main argument presented in the book relates to the problems faced by female personnel in American security agencies as well as the number of women who have overcome these difficulties in their career development process. In terms of qualitative analysis, Dorothy indicates that women in these centralized organizations are less than fifteen percent. Moreover, only one percent of sheriffs and other police administrators are females. By using the term brass ceiling to refer to the obstacles faced by female police officers in their career advancement, the writer focuses on the gender favoritism visible in the operations of these national bureaus. As a way of supporting her arguments, the author has incorporated the experiences of these female officials who have been successful in advancing their policing careers. Based on the facts highlighted in this book, the information is crucial in analyzing the accomplishments and problems faced by female police personnel in America. These details will provide practical recommendations that may help the affected women as well as the police administrators to formulate and execute legal and societal measures that will present an equal platform upon which females and males can develop their careers in the national police departments. This text not only analyses the existing problems but it also provides hope to women in these nationalized sub sector as well as those considering to work in the justice branch of the United States. For this reason, the information gathered by Dorothy is essential in creating an effective paper regarding the need for women in policing.  

Harrell, M. C., & United States. (2007). Assessing the assignment policy for army women. Santa Monica, CA: RAND National Defense Research Institute.

This document comprises comprehensive facts provided by such American security bureaus as the Department of Defense and other federal administrative centers dealing with the nationalized security aspect. The authors of this script analyze the policies recently incorporated in the American defense system in relation to its effect on female members of the agencies. While scrutinizing the rules and regulations governing the Army of the United States, the writers evaluate the transformations guiding the operations regarding the organization and execution of warfare. These policies have altered the course of assigning specific official tasks to women in the American military. For example, they have used attacks in Iraq to evaluate the appropriateness and efficacy of assignment policies in the U.S Army and Department of Defense. However, the script highlights certain contradictory policies in these two centralized administrative branches. For example, the Department of Defense has rules that disallow women to engage in activities or military sub sectors whose primary tasks involves direct attacks frequently. Although the military has been abiding by this set of regulations, they have had to neglect the military task policy guiding the official actions of women officials. These facts support the main subject matter discussed in this annotated bibliography. This analysis heightens the discussion by evaluating the operational and administrative elements of the top security agency in the United States. For this reason, the audience will acquire substantial information regarding the difficulties faced by women in these security bureaus that occur in the form of gender discrimination. Consequently, it will be possible for the relevant stakeholders to introduce practical measures that will aid in solving this issue completely.   

Morgan, M. (2000). Careers in criminology. Los Angeles: Lowell House.

Morgan engaged in several dialogues with personnel in the American justice sub sector with the main intent of identifying and analyzing the primary elements of the division. For instance, she evaluates and presents the various occupational opportunities in the regional, federal, and private security agencies in the country. There is also comprehensive data regarding the wages and remuneration schemes integrated in such bureaus. In addition, this manuscript contains significant information regarding the qualifications needed in the enrollment of individuals into these forces as well as the training elements that help these professionals to advance their productivity. Unlike prior documents referenced in this dissertation, Morgan does not adopt a feminist approach in the presentation of her opinions. In contrast, she highlights the positive facet of the justice department by illustrating the numerous women who have acquired financial and professional advancement through an equal competitive stand with their male coworkers. These facts will provide an interesting approach to the primary argument emphasized in this paper. This is because it offers optimism to women in the security subdivision or intending to join the forces. Additionally, it is essential in transforming the societal norms that encourage gender favoritism in such professional fields. Since the argument regarding the need for women in policing is an inclusive subject matter, this positive approach will increase its effectiveness. The audience will be able to identify the affirmative feature in this occupational environment. Subsequently, women police officers will acquire the motivation needed to advance their performance. It will also suppress the existing destructive traditions that prohibit such females to develop their career path, an element that will improve the entire American community.

Smith, J. C. (2003). Notable black American women, Book III. Detroit: Gale Group.

Jessie Smith uses a similar approach to the arguments presented in Careers in Criminology. The document mentions such women as Alice Walker, Harriet Tubman, and Mary McLeod. By conducting an all-inclusive investigation, this author compiles achievement records of various females from the African American sub category. As indicated in the document, these women have attained these career developments in the midst of intense gender and racial discrimination in the society. The biographical fact list is a source that analyzes women in such fields as medicine, politics, civil liberties, business, and arts. All individuals described in this text were born between 1730 and 1958, a period consisting of immense ethnic and gender biasness. This document is a motivational piece that will aid women in various fields to improve on their performance. With the national defense organ being one of the major areas that require appropriate measures in order to suppress the existing favoritism, women ought to realize the opportunities present in these fields as well as the need to embrace optimism in their fight for career advancement. Since black women are some of the minority sub categories that face discrimination in the American society, this text is appropriate for the effective fight against gender and racial discrimination in the United States. In this dissertation, incorporation of the main ideas discussed by Smith in Notable black American women will be helpful in supporting the plight of females in the centralized police departments of the United States. Unlike other texts discussed in this paper, which identify the primary problem, this book contains practical recommendations related to motivational accounts of African American women.   

Bouza, A. V. (2002). The police mystique: An insider’s look at cops, crime, and the criminal justice system. Cambridge, Mass: Perseus Publishing.

            In this manuscript, Antony expounds on the past, present, and future aspects of the policy implementation system in the United States. These elements include the administrative and operational facets of this nationalized security organ. For instance, the author uses the personal experiences of men and women in this system in order to highlight the transformations that have occurred in the security bureaus over the years. Additionally, he discusses the mechanisms used by these agencies to combat crime in the American community as well as the need to improve the relationships between these government personnel and the general population. For this reason, the text offers an overview of the main subject matter in this paper. This is because the past and present systems comprise of significant levels of gender and racial discrimination. However, with the alteration or introduction of certain policies and change of societal way of thinking, the system will change and accommodate all individuals in a similar capacity regardless of their ethnic background, gender, or cultural principles. The essence of this text in the development of a comprehensive annotated bibliography is apparent since it contains negative and positive facets of the police departments with reference to gender elements, as highlighted in other documents analyzed in the dissertation. Subsequently, it can encompass a wide division of addressees including police administrators, social scientists, police officers, scholars, and the general populace. The audience is able to comprehend the operations of the American police system in detail with an emphasis on the problems facing police officers as well as accomplishments attained by these security personnel. Moreover, it offers practical recommendations that will advance these operations in addition to incorporating an optimistic approach in analyzing the future of these American defense forces.          

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