According to the author, the purpose of the study of Public Administration is to highlight the awareness and the role of a government. The study mainly focuses on how Public Administration can deliver effectively the needs of its people. The article also highlights the urgent need to expand the civil service reforms in order to accomplish its first purpose to enhance the efficiency of its personnel and the organization. The author highlights on the importance of the study of public administration, which covers important and most relevant parts of a country such as the executive, the operative and the transparency of a government. Public Administration mandate is to keep the government running efficiently and operating effectively to attain its goals and ambitions.

            According to the article, there were a number of challenges in the early times such as the constitution of government, which engrossed all of its citizen’s attention. The article further states that, the public revenues and public debts were not complicated enough to challenge the financiers since the population of the citizens was under control and manageable as compared to today. For example, the number of bureaus set up determines civilization in St. Petersburg. Each bureau sends its report to account for its governance on a daily basis. This has resulted to accounting of the efficiency, competence and effectiveness of tasks completed in every department, which makes it easier to asses the heads of every department.

The Basic Principles, Problems and Themes of Public Administration

            Peter (2003) agrees that the basic principles of administration are responsible for straightening the paths of the government and center its operations from a professional point of view. This makes it easier for a government to strengthen and make its organization as corruption-free as possible (61). However, this has not been easy due to the impartial and scientific methods discerned in the administration practices. Peter (2003) emphasizes that the disorganization of administration duties in the city government and corruption has derailed the effectiveness of public administration in the United States of America (68). One of the most notable themes of public administration as per the article is the foreign science employed by governments as a tactic to interpret alien ideas. Peter (2003) explains that the need to adapt to the needs of a compact and unified state has also contributed highly to the theme of public administration. This is because public administration delves deeper into the importance of highly decentralizing forms of government. However, employing decentralized forms of government in America would mean to radically assimilate it in thought, aim and principle (69).

Analysis of the Article

            The writer of this article did put strong arguments and covered a major segment of the importance of public administration. The writer further delves on the importance of manifesting public administration in all governments especially in Europe where monopoly has dominated as compared to England or the United States. In the U.S and England, the governments have assumed a common franchise to fight monopoly in governance. The writer of the article also builds a convincing case by concentrating on the importance of the three periods of growth through which the government has excelled in all the most crucial systems. The first one that stands out is the fact that absolute leaders of administrative governments have adapted to absolute rule. The second one is the focus on constitutions that are framed to oust absolute leaders and their rules while the third is the focus on the sovereignty of the people who participate to develop administration through a new constitution, which propels them into power.              However, the writer does not dwell much on the causes of the downfall of public administration in Central and Eastern Europe, which led to a discourse of emphasis on efficient fundamental shift of governance. According to Peter (2003), the downfall of public administration in some parts of Europe led to derailment of a number of capable state structures more than ever before. In conclusion, the insufficient extent of quality public administration and consistency can be attributed as the main reason for poor and failing public administration among governments (76).


Thomas, Peter. ‘The Great Commoner’: “The Elder William Pitt as Parliamentarian,” Parliamentary History, Vol. 22 Issue 2, pp 145–63. 2003.

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