Top Executives at Costco

Top Executives at Costco



Top Executives at Costco

            There are numerous alternatives concerning leading of staff. Your identity and every worker’s identity regularly direct the best authority style to take. For instance, a dictatorial and requesting pioneer may be what is required if a tight due date looms or to direct unpracticed laborers, however the same authority style would decapitate with staff who flourish when they have flexibility to settle on their own choices (Nan and Swamy, 2014). When you assess distinctive authority styles, you can better figure out what may work best to accomplish your objective of affecting your staff. Costco Company is adept at leadership through the effective transition of Jim Sinegal, who is the founder and Chief executive Officer. The leadership style is enhanced by his exemplified basis of operations and understanding of the staff. It is further supported by the remuneration levels that he receives as compared to similar CEO’s in the industry.

            In terms of the democratic leadership setup, there is equality in the allocation of directives, rules, communication, and required understanding between the top executives as well as the workforce. The process of all- inclusive uptake of decision- making is made possible with the equal contribution of all stakeholders. It is also equipped with the necessary guidance from the top to bottom application of participation. Warrick (2011) argues that there is delivered consultation from across board and the resultant compliance of the company’s vision and missions. In addition, there is an element of affiliate leadership in the setup at Costco Company. It is enabled through creation of emotional bonds between the workers and the top executives. The workers are valued as first determinants of the organization’s protocols and operations. It is thus effective in addressing problems that affect the strengths and weaknesses of the system.      

            One of the distinct leadership style and management deliveries in Costco Company is the delivery of a democratic-led forum. The company deals with various merchandises under the guile of membership. It is in general terms, as a warehouse club in the United States. As a retailer in the country, various attributes regarding distribution, warehousing, deliveries, sales, customer feedback, support mechanisms, to mention but a few, are all divided under different departments (Cascio, 2006). The overall acquisition and takeovers of mergers are all put under the leadership of various departmental heads and top executives. The leadership style ensures that there is support and reliability in all the functions available, as well as directives given for implementation. It is then transferred to regional heads within the country, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea as well as Australia.

            Through the guidance of Jim Sinegal as the Chief Executive Officer of Costco Company, there has been initiated the transformational leadership in the organization. From the fundamental basis of the company’s formation, the organization has been under changes through inspiration, motivation, challenges to the sense of purpose in each worker as well as excitement in their delivery of roles and responsibilities. Warrick (2011) argues that the CEO ensured that all workers within the company referred to each other by the first name, as well as clear understanding of a relationship- based nature in the workplace. Therefore, the accorded respective for the top executives has been ingrained in the system as well as development of consideration of the workforce as opposed to any authoritarian form. It has translated to ownership of the company’s vision and mission by all members and in- bred purpose with the direction required.


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