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TV Commercial

Advertisers have realized the importance of using dance in their commercials. Dance acts not only as a function of culture but also as reflection of the society, a form of recreation, and a medium of expression (Huntington 80). People enjoy dancing, and they like the feelings associated with it. Dance evokes different emotions and sentiments from the viewers (Walter and Altamini 228). The emotions expressed will depend on the type of dance being demonstrated and not necessarily on the product being advertised. In addition, it adds value to the advert. Viewers are more likely to be interested in advertisements that contain dancing elements. They are bound to look at the adverts for the sake of the dance and this may make them interested in the product being advertised. Dance has a form of aesthetic beauty about it especially if it is choreographed. The Central 3 video contains aesthetic and entertainment appeal and the dance has different functions all aimed at attracting and retaining the viewers’ attention and this makes it relevant to the masses.

The dance is an advertisement for X Box Kinect Dance Central 3. The main idea behind the commercial is that people can resolve their differences using dance. When a police officer stops speeding teenagers, he challenges them to a dance. When two politicians are debating an issue, one challenges the other to a dance. The entire audience ends up dancing with them. When two football teams fail to agree, one of the players challenges the other to a dance. The referee hands a red card to the losing dancer. The way of resolving the problem might seem unfair since it depends on the dance moves and skills of the individuals. However, it is important to note that both teams agree to the challenge.

The entertainment aspect of the dance makes the advertisement likeable (Walter and Altamini 230). This is likely to capture the viewers’ attention and interest. The dance is entertaining and appealing to the audience. Initially it is not clear what the ad is about since there is no sort of communication or any branded product. However, one can see that it involves some sort of competition between two opposing groups. The dance is entertaining because the dancers use a variety of moves. In addition, the presence of people of different ages, gender, and profession adds to the diversity and it makes the dance interesting to watch. Old and young people are represented. This dispels the notion that only young people can dance. In addition, the dance includes both men and women. It also includes people in different capacities. It involves people of different professions and careers such as a police officer, politicians, and football players.

Dance is a form of nonverbal communication and it expresses different ideas to the viewers (Walter and Altamini 229). However, like other forms of non-verbal communication, it can be misinterpreted and misunderstood. The inclusion of people in different ages communicates the message that the product being advertised is suitable for both old and young generations. The inclusion of people under different professions and capacities communicates the message that the product in focus can be used by anybody irrespective of his or her abilities. The commercial involves people dancing at different times of the day and at different places. Some of the venues include a stadium, house, the roadside, and a meeting hall. Whatever is being advertised can be used at different places and one does not have to wait for a specific time to use it. Furthermore, although some of the dancers use professional moves, others just seem to flow along with the beat. This communicates the message that it is not necessary for one to be a professional player to enjoy the game.

Viewers develop positive thoughts when viewing a dance and this leads to the formation of positive attitudes (Walter and Altamini 232). The people dancing in the advert seem happy regardless of their situation. They are willing to engage each other in a dance battle. The teenagers shown at the beginning of the video are not scared of the police officer and they seem more amazed at his antics before they decide to join each. The use of police officers and politicians in the video is likely to incite feelings of surprise from the viewers. They are more likely to watch the advert because they want to know what goes on in the video. Dance can be used as a reflection of the economic system and it produces immediate feedback from the observer (Huntington 80). One can determine the efforts that the advertisers have taken to ensure that the dance is relevant based on the physical outlook of all the people involved. The product is not necessarily meant to appeal to wealthy individuals, and this is clear from the manner that the dancers are presented. The advertisers have not concentrated on showing off luxurious and high-end items. Instead, they show ordinary people going about their daily duties.

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