Watershed Moment





Watershed Moment

In general, a watershed moment comprises an occasion in time, which marks a significant and frequently historical change. Indeed, there are numerous reminisces that have occurred within my life that are significant to me. It is considerably difficult to choose one that has exerted considerable influence on me as a person. This is in accordance to the caldron of past memories that I would desire reminiscing or I would like to erase from my mind. Nonetheless, as I peer back into my past, I do admit that there are certain events that changed me into the person I am at this moment. Most of the lessons that I gained from this past events allowed me to understand the frailty of humanity and the senseless entities that we put first before those that matter significantly to our lives. As a young woman, I came to understand that friendship is an important aspect of every person’s life.

Over the past few years, the personality I possessed was significantly different from who I am currently. For much of my life, the only thing that I could distinguish was the paint in my room. I spent most of my days locked up in the house. This is because my introversion forced me to avert social contact at all levels. Naturally, people tend to assume that this type of behavior results from childhood mistreatment or family issues but factually, my family nurtured me exceptionally. However, my attitude towards the outside world was negative. In addition to this, my life at school was difficult. Due to my inability to interact with people, I was usually solitary in most circumstances. The situation advanced to the point I was incapable of participating in school events, which I perceived as uninteresting at that time.

In addition to my discontentment with my educational surroundings, I did not have many friends as well. Because of this, I faced considerable criticism from my peers. Regardless of this, I still focused on myself without paying any attention to the ongoings happening within the same environment that I occupied. However, at one point, I actually found myself attending a camping trip. Even though I never understood how I decided to go for the function in the first place, I do understand that my mother played an instrumental part in influencing me to go for the excursion. The three weeks that I spent at camp changed my perception on everything that defined my introverted persona. This is because of the romantic connection I had with a young man. Naturally, my attitude towards the opposite sex was detrimental. I was too afraid, too critical or too rude to engage in any meaningful conservation.

Regardless of the negative relations I had with my male peers back in high school, it was odd and strikingly interesting to spark a conversation with Richard Cornbloom during the camping trip. Richard was an elegant and outgoing person; an exact opposite of me at that time. However, the manner in which he articulated himself with his curly black hair and well-fitted spectacles seemed to appeal to me because I actually desired to enquire more about him. In addition to our private conversations, the activities that drew us together at camp created a bond between us. Such activities included engaging in games such as soccer and having open discourses around the night fire with other members. Because of these engagements, the introvert that I was before coming to the camp gradually dissipated towards a more relaxed, calm, outgoing and interesting persona; an aspect that I was exceedingly grateful for.

However, as the culmination of the Scouting Camp proceeded, I realized that I possessed a strong emotional connection with Richard. The time that we had spent together cured me of my social dysfunction. Nonetheless, I was unable to let him go since I was ready to engage in a committed relationship. For me, Rick was the person I pictured during my lonesome days and he was actually the man I desired. In addition to this, the rationale behind my quest for a relationship was in accordance to the notion that if he left me, then I would immediately turn back to the socially dysfunctional person I was. This largely influenced me to attempt asking him to be my boyfriend during the last night of the camping trip. However, his words were short of what I expected. Naturally, the assumed response would be “I am not ready for a relationship” but his nuances were disparate.

Though I was distraught of us not being couples, I was still appreciative of his honesty. In addition to this, Rick also made me understand that the persona that I had adopted was not because of him, but rather because of my desire to engage socially since it was a need I had. His assertions completely eradicated my insecurity and influenced me to become a new person. Even after camping, my life, in general, changed for the better. I was finally able to engage in school events such as pageants, plays and performances. Additionally, I became more outgoing and considerably receptive to advances made by other people who wanted friendship as much as I wanted. Indeed, the encounter with Richard helped me understand the positive effect that friendship imposed on my life.

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